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[SteemPunks] Only 1 Week Left til the Contest Deadline!


GMGN Punks! 👋👋👋👋

It's been a while since my last post. Punk core team is quite busy helping the community artists launch their own designs of NFTs, developing the NFT Marketplace, and preparing for the launch of our next core project, BTSC.

It has now been a month since SteemPunks was born. Time goes by so fast!

Ty so much for participating in the Punks meme creation contest, more than we expected! There are still various talented people in the Steem community, and we were happy to provide them with a good opportunity.

We want to remind you once again that there is ONLY 1 WEEK LEFT until the contest deadline.


Who will be the winner of the prize?

Are there any NFTs that Steemians made that you would like to have?

Personally, there were so many COOL NFTs that stimulated my desire to collect.

The Steampunk team will support a minting event for some of the artwork entered in the contest, and the event will start soon.


KiwiKongs(by @kiwifi) are coming to Steeeeeeeeeem..

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