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Steemit training on 09/04/2022



Is always a privilege to be here, how is my steemit partners doing? Education is the birth rock of life, and this platform as provide the needed education by means of training for those who are privilege to be here. Sylvester sly will always be grateful for the honor to be part of steemit family.


I wake up by 5:00am, that as always been the best time for me to meditate on all aspect of my past day 6:00am my beautiful and golden wife (Adiyene-ama mi) join me in planning the day activities.
6:15 am we wake are beautiful heart desire daughter, in order to get are ready for the day activities. First we start with morning text that help us set the day activities on roll with good morals life style, there we prayed as a family. I use the remaining time to help my wife in all the morning duties including clean the kitchen and all other rooms, after helping her with all the house work i then called a friend by 9:00am and introduce her to my new platform the steemit family and she is ready to move with us. Indid my morning was fruitful.


I hard a good time with one of my family friend who visited us . He discuss the hardship we are facing in the state, to him he mentioned bad government that as not create job opportunities for the people in the state. I ask him can you help the government creat job opportunities to the jobless people around us? To him ,he said is not possible because he doesn't have the man power it takes to build companies and employed people. I try telling him he can build the man power by finding a good platform that will assist him help people and help them achieve their goals. To him all online platform is not reall , that's why he chooses to do offline business and see is capital. I then introduce him to steemit family, but is not really easy on him because he as loss much million to online business. I gave him reasons steemit is the best, but i also tell him no payment for registration but just the willingness to achieve success. Am grateful to the lady who introduced me to steemit because i was once a victim of online scam, my afternoon was rewarding because am about to save a friend from today's world hardship.


My evening was bless with and intelligent instructor @Ijelady, she open her heart to tell us everything in steemit platform. Ways to arrange our writing what to do and what not to do, most important of all was that we should not keep the knowledge to are self along, rather we should let friend's and relatives and all see the wonder of the platform,that steemit is the only way you can create happiness to your self while making money. she as arrange for the team to go to busy places and tell people about the good news of steemit, and how steemit as help so many lives financially. The training lasted for 3 good hours, we were so happy when retaining home and my power to help more people grows stronger and stronger.


There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving. I was happy when i was introduced, but am more happier now in giving other's the information about this wonderful opportunity. I need more happiness, so team am ready to go to any were i find those who are testy for a better business.


@ Steemalive
@ Focusnew
@ Ijielady

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