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Technological developments are now increasingly rapidly following the era of 4.0 towards 5.0. Thanks to advances in science and technology today, humans can create various sophisticated tools and equipment to support various types of activities, so that humans can get convenience through the sophistication of this technology.

In the agricultural sector, various techniques and equipment have been found that support agricultural activities. Various modern agricultural tools have also begun to be used by farmers. Like in my area, Aceh Indonesia, where some farmers grow rice in rice fields, farmers have started using agricultural tools with modern technology to cultivate rice fields, plant rice and harvest it. And now modern agricultural tools for fertilization have also started to be used, namely spraying fertilizers or pesticides with drones (drone spraying).


people's enthusiasm to see the drone spray tool


drone spraying

Drones used for fertilizing / spraying pesticides on agricultural land are tools in the form of an unmanned aircraft that has a propeller and can be flown. In the middle there is a tank (water tank) that can be filled with liquid fertilizer or peaticide. The plane is powered by batteries.


battery for drone


officer removes drone battery

However, the process of spraying fertilizers with this drone technology cannot be done carelessly, because
To control the drone must be done by experts. In this case, there are 2 personnel in charge of operating the drone. One operator functions as a drone pilot and the second operator as an operator for spraying.


pilot drone


drone spraying controller


drone operator doing a location check

Here's how to apply fertilizer/pesticide that must be liquefied first and then put into the water tank on the drone. Furthermore, the drone will be operated by the operator and will spray fertilizer/pesticide to the rice fields.


fertilizer dissolution process



liquid fertilizer that is poured into the water tank


*The process of installing a water tank on a drone

Here are the advantagges of using drone spraying tchnology

▪︎The process of spraying fertilizers/pesticides can be completed more quickly (time efficient)
▪︎ The spray range is wider and even (more effective) when compared to the manual method.
▪︎ Can increase agricultural productivity.

Disadvantages of ussing drone spaying technology

▪︎ the use of this drone spraying tool is very dependent on weather conditions and wind conditions.
The spraying process should be carried out in sunny weather and low wind speed conditions, so that the spraying results are maximized.

The use of drone spraying technology can cause a revolution in the agricultural sector by delivering chemicals and nutrients to plants effectively and efficiently. In one fly this spraying drone can reach 1 to 2 hectares of rice fields.

The following is the activity of spraying rice fields with the drone sparying technique which is carried out in rice fields in the Aceh region, Indonesia. In my area of ​​Aceh, the process of drone spraying technique on agricultural land is still not familiar to farmers, therefore this process is handled by a company that provides drone spraying services for farmers. One of them is following the Instagram link.


the process of spraying fertilizer with drones


drones at work


spraying rice plants by drone

Thus my sharing about agricultural technology, hopefully my simple writing is useful. I really look forward to constructive criticism and suggestions for my posts. So that my posts become more quality.

Photo Taken Smartphone Samsung A31
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Location Aceh utara, Buloh kuta makmur Indonesia
Original photo @sailawana

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