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The Best Women's Day Gift!


In my last post I shared how the girls' outing went last Monday. The main objective of the outing was to celebrate women's day.

Our lovely HR manager had organized the outing very well. First, she made a small speech encouraging us and appreciating our work. Our product team consists of 70% of female employees, including 5 female developers and 2 female business analysts. Our team working hard day and night to develop and maintain our product in real quality. Her speech made us feeling valuable as women in IT.

After her short speech, she handed over us a card with a small gift. The idea of the card is very impressive. The front image had originally been designed for us.


Inside the card, there was a hand written statement written by each team lead. Also had signed by some of the directors of the company. Each girl had their own sentence about them.

The second gift was a gift voucher of Spa Ceylon. It was also an exceptional gifts because all girls normally like Spa Ceylon products. I also had the need of purchasing something from Spa Ceylon recently.


It said that this voucher is valid for 5 years. A gift voucher is coming with a small product. This time it is a Hand Cream of Jasmine Fragrance. I love this high fragrance of Spa Ceylon Products.

These little gifts together made a valuable gift. At the end of tea, we gave our gratitude to the new HR manager for making us surprised and happy on this day.


5% to SL-Charity

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