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It's the Vacation and Cray Things are Back!


It's again a good time to move back to my old life. I got one week of vacation, so also got enough time to try out some silly things as well as interesting things. Today was a rainy day from the beginning, so I spent lots of time in bed watching youtube. I opened the following interesting video which had nice quality visuals and clean explanations. It's about propagating some indoor plants. The narrator's house is fully decorated with plants which is also very attractive.

This gave me the motivation to plant the Pothos pot which is also a very famous indoor plant in Sri Lanka.


First of all, I had to find a grown plant because there was no Pothos in our garden. Under the rain, I went to a neighbor's house and cut a piece of Pothos vine. I was able to find a vine that was grown on a bund. It wasn't a very healthy plant, but I assume I can grow it healthy.


According to the tutorial, it is enough to cut from nodes. There were roots already, so it was easy to me to separate them. If we use a piece without roots, it will take 3-4 weeks to come out with new roots.


Secondly, I had to select a planting media. I decided to use gravel + water after watching another video. Pothos is also grown in water media. So I choose water + gravel for this. I found some gravel from the garden and cleaned them properly. Then placed some of them on a cement pot and arranged branches.


Finally covered roots using more gravel. And then poured water in a level to slightly cover the gravel. In this way plants can use water and also nutrients from gravel. I am not sure how much this work, but I am pretty sure that this will work.

Finally, I placed the pot in my brother's plant nursery. :)


Hope I can give a good update after 3 months.

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