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Vegetables from the garden versus Supermarket

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The vegetables from the garden versus Supermarket

When we buy vegetables in supermarkets, we just look for the price. However, the price is just one factor, there are many other things that you must take into consideration. First of all the nutrition and quality of the vegetables, are much lower as the vegetables become more nutritional after maturing under natural conditions such as son and water.

Supermarkets consider just one factor long shelf life whereas we also need to think about the tolls that are used to keep long shelf life. Such as all chemicals that are used to make fruit and vegetables stand long time.

When you grow your own vegetables, then you can control how to make fruit and vegetables healthier without using dangerous chemicals. There are multiple healthy ways to protect your crop from insects, climate change and other factors. You must also know about air pollution and water pollution in your area so you can take measures to protect your plants and as a consequence your own body.

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