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Steemit Awards: My nominations for 2021.

I am very honoured to nominate people for such a miraculous event. I wanted to nominate myself but I feel a bit embarrassed because I think there are others more deserved people who work so hard on Steemit.

Best author nomination @atim1234

In my opinion, this nomination is designed for @atim1234. His images are really beautiful and make his posts stand out. I feel really great when I read and see his posts. I think many people will support me in this nomination on Steemit as @atim1234 is truly a talented professional and content creator.



Best Contributor to the Community @milakz

She is really an inspiring leader who is always ready to learn and she always asks everyone's opinion and based on their opinion, she summaries and give her right opinion. She always says when she made mistakes and accepts critics from others by making Steem Skillshare a unique place on Steemit where the content is really interesting and useful. She always tries to implement new ideas to make Steem Skillshare Community more active . When #club5050 was launched she helped many users to join it. I think she truly deserves as a strong woman who created a big reputation on Steemit.



Best Community

The Best Community is of course, Steem Skillshare. The only Community which supports everyone. Anyone is allowed to launch contest. You can teach anything and start your course immediately. Each course is different. You can learn language, gardening, crafts, design, biology and etc. You can meet people from all over the world and specialists who earn and monetize their content on Steem SkillShare. Anyone who is consistent, loyal, active and produce unique eligible content is rewarded. The community doesn't force to give beneficiary reward, it doesn't force to give charity. It is a very honest and well paid community with many great users.


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