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Selling plants from my garden on Christmas market.

Hello everyone!
Christmas markets are opened now. And I decided to help my friend to participate in this beautiful event. I brought some beautiful pine trees that I grow in my garden. I decided to put a fair price of five euros. I think they are better than artificial plants of 5 euro from 1 dollar store as they are alive and bring you positive energy.

I wrap them in a beautiful organza paper and made a nice bow. This will make any house look beautiful and cosy.

My friend is has a good range of goods. I supply her with plants and flowers. We mutually help each other. The plants I grow are if good quality so she can easily sell them.

I like Christmas decor but mostly I like when people decorate with natural materials and plants that they can grow.


My friend is florist so for her is easy to make flowers and plants match each other in a nice composition.

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