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Recycle plastic bottles to make a sustainable garden

Read my previous post about using plastic bottles as plant pots. I love plants and even more I love to see them growing with pleasure and full of life. I love to see them growing in plastic transporant pots as that way you can see the life underneath. I am not surprised that so many people are searching for ways to reuse plastic bottles. They are really cheap, affordable and durable.

The plants that can grow even in small bottles onion, lettuce, radish, parsley, basil.


To create a pot from a plastic bottle, you will need:

  • plastic bottle
  • scissors
  • knife
  • marker
  • rope or twine;
    • plants
    • soil
      Maybe the hardest part is to cut a plastic bottle but you may first decide how you want the plant to grow. Then decide the diameter of the whole that you cut and then use marker to draw the design on the bottle. After that use knife and scissors to cut nicely. Try to use hot nail to make holes under the pot for excess water.


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