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Plant what you eat and be healthy


Plant what you eat

Cooking and gardening must be interconnected. The humanity always ate what they planted. We can plant and then take seeds from the vegetables we plant. And dry them on the sun and then replant them again. I am also a snack person that means I eat a lot of snacks during the day. I love eating fresh berries, oranges, nuts and etc.

My favourite part of the day is when I go out to collect my crops. I love to wake up early in the morning and collect some vegetables and fruit that I use later to cook the breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This way my dishes get extra good flavour and the body recieve vitamins and more minerals. I love to cook by mixing flavours and textures. When you try to cook directly from the garden, you can keep the recipes really simple and use just fresh ingredients. Salads are very nutritional so just add egg or cheese to your salad plate
and you will have energy for the next several hours.


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