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My gardening report o Steem Skillshare. A new project vertical gardens


My gardening results

The seedlings are really growing strong and promising a lot of crop this year. I have decided to expand my pots to the bigger one and build a vertical garden to attach the kitchen herbs on the walls.

I have purchased this beats white containers that are really nice and sturdy. As gardener I love to grow all types and all sorts of plants and flowers as well as trees. Even though I have a huge garden it is important to use the soil and land wisely. I decided to exploit the concept of vertical gardens. This concept is extremely popular in apartments without any actual soil.


As a matter of fact I always purchase fresh soil. Soil is the food for plants and flowers. The better food you provide, the better everything will grow.
Vertical gardens are really fine as you can create them at any place of your house. You can make them on tge walls of the buildings, fences, gates and etc.

I also love to use plastic bottles for gardening as they make recycling asset♻️

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