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My gardening progress. Grow with fun the vitamins that can benefit your whole body

I decided to show my avocados and goji berry. Avocado is really great source of vitamins and it has a lot of Omega 3. If you want to have healthy diet, then try to add avocado to your salad or toast. Avocado has a rich flavour and all good fats. Avocado has calcium, vitamin D, magnesium and so on. Goji berry are perfect for immune booster, helps your eyes, protects from cancer, improves your nervous system.

In these small cups I planted lettuce and in the big cups I started growing swiss chard. They say that green lettuce is the main source of folic acid that is vital for you healthy life style.

The beans are growing really well and I love all sort of beans. They are really great source of protein and other vitamins.


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