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How to take care of your garden plants with love

Gardening is my biggest passion in life. The day I wake up. I only think about my plants before going to sleep I say good night to my plants. When they feel sick I talk to them and try to heal them. I feel responsible for each of them and try to give them all the best I have. They pay me back with blossom and love.

Cut lengthwise so it can be put on the branch.

Potato peeler and growth hormone.

Growth hormone brushed on.


Tied up and with a tissue at the bottom to plug up the whole ( still not good enough, I have too much water leakage now)

Bark peeled off

Filled up with damp sprouting soil ( more fibrous)

I have another rooting powder and I saw banana peel is also used and a friend told me about Aspirine in water also, I am going to try them all

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