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How to Become a Gardener. Gardener vs Landscape designer


Who is a gardener

Many people confuse a gardener profession with landscape designer. The landscape designer is connected with the plants indirectly. As for him the plants and flowers are just parts of decor. His job us to make garden space more attractive.

The gardener has to work directly with the plants. The gardener himself plants, repots or cures plants.
You can try to be a gardener if you like

  • working outside on open air
  • love to work with hands
  • ready for seasonal work



This job is well paid if you work as a chief gardener in a big organisation, hotel, or other institution. You can also become a self- employed gardener and work just by private orders. Many gardeners are trying to build an online business where they share the tutorials and show the process of planting or other plant related operations.


Where to study

To become a gardener, you can graduate from the appropriate university or college. For amateur gardener, you can take online courses.


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