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Growing plants in plastic bottles is a bundle of joy

Growing plants in plastic bottles is so much fun. First of all it happened that in the past I was overloaded with this recycling issues in my mind. I want to keep less plastic in my house. I am tired of plastic everywhere so I want to encourage everyone to use plastic bottles. The thing is that plants pots are really pricey. Would you imagine?? You can save hundreds of dollars by using plastic containers and having fun with plants.

You can make plastic bottles more fancy or add some colors to them. Do not forget to make a whole underneath. Probably the hardest part is to cut a plastic bottle in a way that it still looks pretty.

Plastic is really a durable material that lasts for years. I think plastic maybe is not so much beautiful as functional and practical.

There are actually multiple ways of using plastic bottles. I am showing you the garden tips but you can always try to search new ways and share with me as I like to learn.

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