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Growing my plants from seeds. Strong seedlings means successful garden.

Hello everyone!!!

Today I am sharing with you the results of my labour that I described and detailed photographed in my previous post here
In this post I will share the results of my gardening experience.

The seed sprouts are very fragile so it is better to use small plastic containers with wholes. It is vital to keep the space between sprouts when moving them into the soil. If you have several plants then just write a name on each container so you know exactly what that plants needs.
Seedlings are so fragile that you must treat them as newborn babies. Some people ask me why I don't plant directly to open soil. The answer is so simple. The seedlings will face same danger as any newborn who is growing in the street in stead of family. Theoretically is possible but practically you better provide perfect conditions.

If your climate is cold then it is better to grow young seedlings inside the house and wait until they grow and become stronger.

If you have special biodegradable containers then it is even easier to put them directly into the soil after seedlings are big enough.
I will show you growing process of my seedlings in my next posts.

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