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Growing a garden from seeds with @passion.friut

Hello everyone!!
Many people buy seeds and put them directly into soil and even into open space outside in the garden. Sometimes you are lucky and later you see the sprouts but sometimes no luck and you just wasted your time. That can happen to anyone but not to you anymore. I decided to share my simple life hack how to make seed work 100% with no problem.

Try to buy only good seeds from famous brands that are popular so you are sure the seeds are not old or empty. If you buy too cheap seeds from unknown supplier, you can risk to get even just 30% of your seed sprouts.

It doesn't matter what seeds you would use. As it is not important whether they are fruits or vegetables or flowers. It is only important the good quality of seeds and to follow all steps and be ready for a lot of sprouts.

Open the packs and put seeds in wet kitchen towel and then into hermetic containers. You must be sure to check seeds after some days and see if you get any sprouts.
Since I had many types , so I put names on all of them.

As you may see all seeds have different shape and are from different plants.
I just have to check regularly so it doesn't start growing into kitchen towel.





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