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decorative outdoor plants - My Yucca

The Yucca normally considered a houseplant it has a beautiful shape, and it is really very fine and usually fits well in new modern apartments with its design.

Obviously it is not a plant that is born in an apartment, but in nature it is born on the outside.
Originally it is a herbaceous and succulent plant and comes from central North America

The yucca, when found in nature, can reach great heights, up to 15 meters, while, kept indoors, in pots, it typically does not exceed two meters.

The yucca plant produces small flowers that gather in panicle-shaped inflorescence and grow on long stems emerging from the central area of ​​the plant.

The yucca is a houseplant as it tolerates mild temperatures: in summer it tolerates up to 25 ° C, but must be placed in the air, in winter it never tolerates temperatures below 10 ° C.

The Yucca produces, in the period between the end of the summer and autumn, small flowers on stems that start from the center. But it is very rare for yucca to flower in an apartment or with our climate. The Yucca is usually not pruned, but only those leaves that dry up must be eliminated in order not to favor parasitic diseases. In any case, a clean and well disinfected tool should be used to cut the leaves of the yucca to prevent the tissues from becoming infected.


This one you see in the photograph is the one that grew up in the front garden of one of my houses.

I think it is really very beautiful and elegant, and it didn't take me much work to make it grow so well, I simply had to prune it a couple of times and nature has done the rest.

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