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Buy Camelia for your garden. Tips and Tricks

Hi everyone!!
I have to share one good news with you guys, I have finally bought my favourite flower called Camellia.


The bushes of Camellia are green all year around and the flowers are so beautiful. It looks like a rose but the bush is even more attractive. This flower is so popular in Japan, China, Vietnam. The asian people always appreciated this beautiful plant. In China this plant was used to make tea and other drinks. Camellia is a closed relative of tea plant.

Where to plant it?

It loves more or less places with shadows as well as less direct sun. The best thing is to plant in front of gates, walls or fences. If you want flower blossom then shadow is vital.

What soil does it love?

It loves soil with acidity. Please do not deep root this plant. As the roots must be on the ground surface.

Types of Camellia

There are many different types of Camellia and my favourite is Chinese or Japanese Camellia. But Chinese Camellia is perfect for tea. If in your country you like drinking tea, then you must choose Chinese Camellia for the best tea.

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