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Agave foxtail

Agave attenuate, also called foxtail agave, is an evergreen succulent plant with small white and greenish-yellow flowers that in summer appear in clusters growing above the foliage up to a height of almost one meter.

The stems take on an arch shape, with the tip pointing towards the ground.

Most rosettes of attenuated agave will bloom only once in their lifetime, and it can take many years to produce the clusters, with an average age at flowering of about a decade.

Its long and narrow greyish-green leaves form a rosette and each of them can reach 1.20 meters in height.


This one was close by my place, and I really love it.

All the time I promise myself to actually plant one, but I'm always lazy and I sort of forget, but this time I'm going to take care of my own agave.

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