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STEEM SKILLSHARE courses round-up: 12 Most Popular courses in 2021


Graphic design by @atim1234

Software To Create Motion Graphics


Motion graphic artists may employ effects and inventiveness to communicate tales in a more dynamic way.

Nowadays, motion graphics is used more and more in multiple way. You may apply it in the design of animated logos to realistic visual hacks in video advertising. The use of motion animation can improve your posts on Steemit or other social media especially in You YouTube videos to increase views.

Permaculture by @papi.mati

Manure gained importance as a fertilizer since the second half of the 20th century


Manure, simply put, is a fertilizer composed of animal excrements.

All farmers dream about strong, healthy plants and, as a result, a large harvest. Fertile soil is the main goal of every farmer or gardener, you can learn all skills how to make your own manure. Manure is considered to be the most convenient and immediately available fertilizer. It is also used in small different beds where various crops are grown - from vegetables to flowers.

Chinese language by @talk.chinese



Chinese language is very easy to learn if you are motivated as in any language there are some challenging aspects.

Chinese language is one of the most demanded languages in the modernworld. We see that China is getting more powerful in world's economy. Today this language is becoming popular and available for foreigners to learn online.

Painting by @mdriart

I draw the primary shape of the painting by graphite pencil.


I used acrylic colour by some different painting brush.

Among the advantages that we achieve by learning drawing skill. Psychologist say that drawing an effective solution to the problems of an artist. Drawing helps to improve concentration, clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts and develop analytical thinking.

Korean Language by @vik24

I chose to teach through korean dramas


The good news for those who want to learn korean is that korean doesn't have characters but the alphabet

Korean is spoken by about 75 million people, mostly live in North and South Korea. But there are also Korean minorities in China and Japan. South Korea borrows many English words, for example. North Koreans often don't understand these words. Korean Language indicates, for example, what kind of relationship is between the speakers and the social hierarchy.

Photography by

Photography is a play of light and shadows by showing the beauty of the shot


Photography skill is easy to master nowadaysas the good cameras became affordable

Whether photography is your hobby or professional passion, you can learn incredibly useful skills that any photographer should have in their creative arsenal. Mastering new skills in photography will be beneficial both for your portfolio and for further work with clients.

Other useful courses on Steem SkillShare in 2021

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2 Furniture Design @masix
3 Medicine @doctorstrips
4 Computers @kinghearts
5 Crafts @nishadi89
6 Japanese @jobreyes24

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