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What is creates tailored 1-2 sentence introductions for you to include in cold emails. has a global rank of 2,059,551 according to Alexa. Based on its expected Ads income, is worth US$ 8,278, according to Alexa. Every day, about 1,511 unique visitors visit is not recommended to visit, according to SiteAdvisor.

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What can you do with

Increase the number of people who respond to cold emails. In seconds, you can create custom-tailored intros based on your prospects' LinkedIn profiles. You have the option of creating single generations or uploading a CSV/Xls file. Our final product. All of your original columns, plus an 'Intro', will be included in the xls file for you to utilize in your cold email campaign. Personalized intros can be generated at a rate of up to 700 per hour.


Cold email marketing with AI! Get customized introductions based on the LinkedIn profile of your prospect. will save you time and money.
All outputs will include all of your original columns, as well as an 'Intro' column, which you may utilize in your mail merge.
Today is the day to improve your cold email response rate!

For details please read this article on Ajr Blog - Lifetime Deal

$50.00 one-time purchase

AI can be used to personalize cold email blasts.
Your prospect's Linkedin profile is used by AI to produce an introduction.
Create your own unique intros (1-2 sentences long)
Can make up to 500 icebreakers ("intros") per hour.
To test it out, enter a single LinkedIn URL.
For bulk generating, upload a CSV or XLS file with leads.

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