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Steem Business Promo | Dahlia's cake online business

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Hi Everyone. .?

Good night, how are you, I hope you are always in good health and all efforts in activities go according to plan. Of course yes, I hope it's a lot of fun to face with a smile. 😊😍.

Anyway, I'm happy to meet you again on this occasion I want to take you to one of my female cousin's online cake business openings, I bought and took a package order, it was really really cheap.

Online cake business locationwhat3words Lhokseumawe

It all started from the virtual world of social media, at that time I was logging into Facebook, it was my habit to spend a little time with the publication of the latest stories and funny looks from friends and other things my way to get rid of boredom.

Over time, I accidentally saw my sister's cousin publishing her ready-to-order package, becoming a bone of contention for fans. this is not the first time i see him. but this time I was really tempted by the delicious cake that I can't miss with the cheap price, Because this is a little different from the previous choices, Then I ordered a few cup of cakes that piqued my appetite onlineπŸ˜‹. Including, before it runs out of stock. πŸ˜‚

The terms of the cake price have also been included together when published in the order, so it's not difficult for me to choose/take an order according to the contents of my wallet which is very satisfying because the more you order, the more % you get (cheaper than the usual normal rate). If you want to, we can even haggle the price in the chat/comment which is a little different from other businesses when we get good service, Really very satisfying and tempted by getting a bonus from his business. For example one of them, for orders of small cup steamed bread IDR 10000/1pcs for 2 cup of mini steamed bread = IDR 15000/2pcs there is a bonus advantage, this is one thing that is different from the way do business online that you can't miss.

image source : When I see Cake Circular On Facebook

The existence of the place and location is a bit far from my home address, so I decided to take it directly to his house which is located on Jl. Mongeudong, Lhokseumawe city, to promote its business to steemians friends, possibly after receiving permission. Usually he also carries out activities outside the home by delivering orders when he gets a lot of package orders to the front of the Geudong Pasee mosque if it goes east and the blang teupat area restrictions if it goes west and other reach places, all of that is an addition to the service. between them.

because he is part of my family relatives, so finding a place with his business is not so difficult for me to arrive at his house and also this is not the first time I have come to his house to pick up my order through his online and get the bonus to me, To be precise this makes the contents of my wallet no more drained a lot and the food was also very delicious, hygienic packaging, warm taste. Wow really?

On my right, Owner of an online cake business and production, Brother Dahlia Facebook

Planning My order changed when I arrived at the businessman's house. Previously I ordered 2 cups of steamed bread online but curiosity about other options made me want to add an order of 1 package of torn bread which has a higher price than steamed bread, this is an easier need to come to the house to shop and get a price offer that is tempting curious.

So the total order for my cake purchases is "2pc mini cup Steamed bread IDR 15000 and 1pc large package of torn bread IDR 15000. So 3pc = IDR 30000 " is equivalent to 6,530 Steem. Crypto market price changes are unpredictable, conditions may change.

My order, 1 package of torn bread, 2 cups of steamed bread

My appetite when I'm curious comes my habit to taste and try it first and ask about the cake while enjoying it, we even spend a little time interacting about the cake business, Maybe I can learn to make it at home for a snack or as a snack additional capital for my micro business in the village, but after thinking it's really difficult if you don't have a cookie cutter.

Torn bread which has a large portion by roasting, is perfect for serving with family and traveling. The outer texture of the bread is so soft that it is sprinkled with chocolate as the beauty of the top surface and each piece has chocolate jam as the inside, this is really appetizing. it's OK?, according to the price, the contents of the wallet that are issued are very satisfying to the hearts of snack lovers.

Torn bread outer structure (Soft)
Inner chocolate jam (Full)

Slightly different from steamed cup bread, setting the difference one way is a good idea with many choices so that customers / consumers with our business products, Not easy to feel bored with the quality taste.

With a difference, the texture of the steamed bun meat is very soft. it's just that the chocolate jam is so melted as a delicious topping that really attracts a lot of fans. It's shaped like ice cream. Cheese topping is also available, but I chose chocolate because chocolate is part of my favorite taste, even a common flavor chocolate that is often used and found in various forms of cakes.

Cupcakes with melted chocolate topping, it's really delicious

If you are curious, you can order immediately, the cake is still warm. You can even start as a customer to advance your business and check before ordering via chat on Facebook and find updates about her newest cake. you will be addicted. It me.

Having the idea of ​​a different way of doing business related to online made my sister's cousin the only way to heal her economy in the middle of the city of lhokseumawe to live her life, because life in the city and village has a difference in the amount of expenses when we live in the city. Precisely all the needs and facilities in the city are passed with money.

Apart from being a housewife, she also works on making cakes and developing her talents and ideas online since the covid/pandemic hit our homeland. This is one of his ideas to earn money to cover basic needs during a pandemic. Even now it is growing and is known online which has many fans, not with that he also makes morning cakes and leaves them to the nearest cafes. the time used is very busy without being tired and without time to rest so that his business grows on economic adequacy in a better life "Without words I can say, he is great and strong" he has different principles from family relatives.

All merchandise is done by myself. When there are more orders to order, he will have no trouble printing directly because all the equipment he has is very familiar with him. At least accepting impromptu orders is also served with kindness, because customer satisfaction is prioritized which is slightly different from other businessmen. Notes only certain times.

Cake Dough Machine (Mixer)
Baking Tool (Oven)

With his amazing business, living online to grow his business is so real, it makes me feel like it's to not hesitate to to invite him into the steemit blockchain social media, with us. And I also introduce a community that is suitable for advancing business in steementrepreneurs, this is one way to open up great opportunities business online in steemit which has brought many successful people with their careers, I really support and admire the business.

But there are some things that make him hesitate and confused in making posts and there are some things, there are reasons. maybe he will think, when the time comes I will create a special account for his business. I will wait until the time comes. we will get to know more familiar with quality products from him. But before that I also got a picture as a choice from the business owner so that steemian friends can choose one of your favorites: The choice of images below is the original from the photo of the business owner names Dahlia

Torn Bread
Small Cup & Big Cup Steamed Bread

Mini Pizza

Special Pizza
Another Surprise Order

So from my business promotion post, if there are some words and speech that you don't understand clearly, I apologize profusely, I'm just an imperfect creature who doesn't escape mistakes. Hope you like it and be a wisdom for all.


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My greetings @maulidar 😍


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