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Ramadan food waiting for the breaking of the fast from the luxury of eating together

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan

Hi my friend. The day of fasting, so eagerly waiting for the time to break the fast, this does not happen on a normal day other than the month of Ramadan, breaking the fast is the time we are waiting for in Ramadan at the end of the middle of the night, even hearing the call to prayer at sunset as a sign of breaking the fast. Fasting is one way we refrain from food and drink. Breaking the fast to regain stamina from a day of enduring thirst and hunger. All day holding hunger and drinking make you tired from morning to evening.

Before that comes I have to prepare some food menus to wait for iftar and this is just a simple meal that I can prepare for my beloved family who are waiting for the fast that I run at home.


Refrain from fasting makes a lot of fluids in the body drain more which changes the situation making me very thirsty this time, I prefer drinks to drink and take back the stamina that from fourteen hours of restraint. And choose to drink the initial conditions to break the fast.


We often spend time eating together at home, what's more, this is in the month of Ramadan, many people choose to gather with friends and enjoy the moment of breaking their fast. But for me, it's more comfortable waiting for iftar at home.

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