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Maintaining the fertility of ornamental plants with soil media - looking for experience

Hi Everyone.?
Hi my best friend, good night and how are you, wherever you are I hope you are fine and all activities go according to plan, I hope it is fun.

Meet me again @maulidar from Indonesia, nice to see you again as a gardening lifestyle. On this occasion I want to share with you about a little of my experience when maintaining soil fertility in polybet for my ornamental plants at home, life is so fertile.


From a young age I often played with soil, my mother was often angry when I held the land because living in the countryside is very easy to find land, even high-quality land without having to buy, of course I think there are many plants that live on the ground. Soil has a structure that gives life to flora on this earth, such as in mountains, How many plants are tightly attached to the soil, and only some plants that move away from the soil choose to live above the water surface. Oopd, it's suitable for aquatic species, I guess. Soil and water are interconnected and serve as nutrients for plants from drought.

Purely, the soil has a structure that is easy to solidify when removed to other places without getting mixed with other media, we often get it in flower boxes/pots that help the flower sprinkles bloom so beautifully on the terrace of the house. With that I choose a soil that is mixed with organic fertilizer and a little extra with husk or paddy which always keeps the soil loose and the soil moist, delaying the dryness until 3 days after watering. The plants in the polybet stay fresh and live so fertile.



I don't come from high school graduation from agriculture, how to live with the natural world of the earth is like studying many books as lessons to give easy experiences, but I learn from experience and a little input from people closest to me, some experiments with the soil at that time. do, Mix all three elements into one pile to make it easier to care for plants in small polybets and also make it easier to grow new roots or shoots.



Previously I had several anglo plants, the soil had to be replaced because the dense soil of the plants was very difficult to thrive, I have several anglo ornamental plants at home, because they are very easy to live and give a beautiful reflection of the color of the leaves. Previously, anglo ornamental plants had become a trend in my village with the price of tens being so expensive, even many street vendors were fighting over with their merchandise, ornamental plants of various models.



I also opted into buying one of them, some of the choices caught my attention. And with my attention now they live so beautifully they even put out a lot of seeds to separate because the fertility of the soil can keep my collection continuously at home.



And you can see for real, Ten months ago I participated in a contest the previous thing I did in steemit was to beautify the garden and protect the environment at home from nurseries. Maybe it's not wrong for you to come to see the perfection of our environment in the countryside. I hope it's really fun as my past memories.

Rose Plant

Coconot Tree

So from me, if there is an error and it is not understood, I apologize profusely.

💟💟Thank For Reading💟💟

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