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I wake up from sleep and this is my "Power Up" while I'm asleep | Special CLUB5050

Hi Everyone.?

Long time no see, I miss you guys. How are you and good afternoon, I hope you are all well and all activities in gardening give us continuous kindness, I hope it is more fun than I imagined.

Btw, don't go anywhere first because on this occasion I want to make power ups from my income while I sleep and want to wake up again to stay active as club5050 with other steemers, sometimes this is very small but this is my passion for Don't forget to do power ups constantly to live more independently.


Lately I've been too busy being a wife, because very coincidentally I'm also very familiar with my husband's duties as a farmer. Helping, working to manage land in ricefield makes me unable to be active in steemit because I'm tired and get other unexpected things, it's too tired to carry out activities from morning to evening in open areas under the hot sun that I can endure.


There are several sides in the village carrying out different activities as agriculture, between my village and my husband's village. With both sides I live together with my family, this is something I'm used to when I was little I lived with my parents as agriculture and plantations. This is inseparable in my life also after I got married, being a part of it again (farming/gardening person) was tiring but fun.


Between the distance from the village to the dasa in my village I often spend time farming in March. When I don't have a house I'm often in my husband's village who is doing paddy farming. However, when I was in the village where I came from, the residents were enjoying the paddy harvest, a little confused about how to live in the two villages in different ways. But it helps me to keep working.

For what I get busy, I have to sleep as an active steemian with content, as long as I sleep I have a little of my income to power up again. And now I'll be back as usual with you, jokes, laughter, we feel it all together again.

And below as proof I'm on the club5050 path to get my passion back to how it used to be to be able to create content that is meaningful to you.

Before "Power Up"

click Power up between as an option in that option

Specify the number of power ups and click the "power Up" option

After Power Up Nominal number changes from before

So from me, briefly with power ups and I will restore my energy continuously to pursue my target and be more independent in the future, I hope you like it.


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