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Healthy fruit suitable for cravings

Hi Everyone?. Good evening and how are you, I hope you are all well and all activities go as planned. I hope it's something beautiful perfection to enjoy.

On this occasion I want to discuss a little about healthy fruit. Of course, this fruit does not grow in my village because of the climatic weather. But I can get it at imported fruit shops, traders sell it in ceramics and even on the roadside like wheelbarrows, with the condition that I can get it on foot.


These few days I am a little weird, I eat things that are not like I eat even I eat them with salt, whatever fruit I try to eat with a slightly salty taste, this makes me confused because before I was fine.

Actually, my cravings are hard to control not to eat but I want to taste it. I want the sweet and sour taste that goes with the oranges. Even citrus fruits are very suitable for me to consume, to overcome this condition and keep my health stable.


My mouth wants to chew always but my stomach feels full. It is difficult to determine the situation if this incident happened to women after marriage, all willing but not willing.

Lately I choose to eat a lot of fruit even fruit has enough nutrition for me to withstand hunger and eliminate my cravings.


As for me, I have to fight and hold my cravings even this is not the first time for me to accept them. And the price this time is very high when I bought it, this is not one of the reasons for me to try one or two🍎🍊

ThankS You All

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