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Business garden - My visit to this beautiful garden

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Hi dear friend? Today I have a little time, In the afternoon before it was blurry I came to the park, this is not a park I have ever met before, a place for tourists and such just to enjoy. This park has the distinction of being a place for plant businessmen. All contain ornamental plants that are so beautiful.

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A few days before, I was interested in buying an orchid, it's my favorite flower, but I need to have some orchids to decorate my terrace house. With so many colors, to be precise in my house there are only two colors to enjoy, Have you seen it before😂. but I want another color in between, yellow and dark red as a beautiful color reflection, other colors can also be seen at the same time when blooming, to relieve boredom. Oops, how crazy I was to be able to hug him so fast. They are hard to find dear.

In order to get rid of this beautiful imaginary desire I have to go somewhere to get rid of the thoughts that are still buried in my mind. Of course it is very pleasant to spend my afternoon while traveling with my husband. On the way I saw a very conspicuous place on the side of the road far from my address. yep, this garden as a plant nursery business, as I expected a suitable place for me to look for orchids.


Pocut Garden The name available in the pamplek frame as a very attractive business name, which provides a variety of ornamental plants and fruit plants. And creating a beautiful environment along the driveway, it excites me with such a beautiful view. More luxurious with the emergence of various colors of bungenvile flowers, it turns out😍.



Why is it unimaginable for us to get a lot of money so easily by turning the scope around by selling ornamental plants, at least making the gardening business place a different business view to build the economy and reduce unemployment. As in the Pocut Garden business. At least, my arrival will be a new change for me to get and reproduce plant seeds at home after buying and multiplying the seeds again. It will be for sale. But how do bungenvile flowers live because the bungenville flowers here look very unique and beautiful.


I spent a lot of time in one garden, then the owner of the garden business came and asked my goals or complaints, then I asked my dream of coming to look for orchid seeds according to the color as well. I came a little late because the stock of orchid seeds had run out in the previous few days, this made me a little sad.

Orchid seed is one of the imported flower plants from outside the city, even from outside the country. so I have to wait for that day and come back or go find another place. But time is not possible to continue today because it will be dark. Then I settled in this garden and spent my afternoon with my little footsteps looking at the beautiful plants, very beautiful.



I walked slowly and enjoyed this atmosphere with a lot of beautiful flowers sprinkled, I fell in love with this place, so comfortable with its beautiful environment, as a living business with nature.


The area is not so wide, but the garden business is so extensive, it's even really famous. I am very amazed that I can carry out business activities here. Sometimes I get a little offended because I can't find my offer, it happens because there are still many orchid enthusiasts in my village. I don't think I'm going after orchids alone. Yes, of course, because orchids attract more fans. I haven't had any luck today.


Oops, I forgot to tell you the place and location of Pocut Garden. In accordance with the location of the garden business, Jl.Medan-Banda Aceh, the address is Blang Crum village, Kandang. Lhokseumawe, I can't explain the price of the plant, of course this is in accordance with the plants to have because there are so many choices that make me confused to give it to you. If anyone wants you can visit and enjoy the beauty of Pocut Garden plants.

I present all these images with the help of the OppoA16 camera

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