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Achievement 2 // Basic security on steemit// @limon17 // 12-04-22

Hope you all are well by the grace of Allah. I'm @limon. Today is 12 April 2022. Today I have appeared before you with my Achievement 2. Today's topic of discussion is about Basic Security of Steemit. I would like to discuss this briefly in my own language.
A few days ago I posted Achievement 2 but I am repeating it due to some mistakes. I hope you will observe it @wilmer1988


Here is my Achievement 1

It is important for us to keep in mind that many of the keys that have been given to us during our accounting on this platform have been saved. Those are the keys:

  • Master password
  • Active key
  • Posting key
  • Memo key
  • Owner key
  • Private key

I will briefly discuss the function of these keys.

Master password:

Master password is the most important thing, it just gets lost from us or someone else takes this password, it means my account is not likely to get back. All other keys can be changed with this password.

Posting key:

This key is used in our daily activities. We use this key to login accounts, to post, to comment, etc.

Active key:

This is also an important key. All we can do is use it to access our wallet, to power up or to power down. It is also used for balance transfer.

Memo key:

This key is usually used to send encrypted messages or view encrypted messages. Its use is very low compared to other keys.

Owner key:

This is the most important key for us. If it is lost, there is no chance of getting our account back, so it is better to save it. One of the most important thing we can do with this is to restore the account with this key only if our account is damaged or lost.

private key:

It is usually used for balance transfer. We have to save it well. It is only for us.

Here's how to save these keys:

By printing
By saving to Google Drive
By keeping the pen drive
By doing handwriting etc.

How to power up?

To get up, we first need to go to the wallet. What you see in the picture.


The picture also shows where to click to power off after entering the wallet


Let's select the power up option


Now I have to write the amount of steam power up


Clicking on the black button will complete the power up.


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