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My idea about the current situation in our country

Hello Steemians!

In Sri Lanka, we always talk about our great history. I have learned Sri Lankan history and I know our ancestors have done many more great things. But the problem in our current society is that most people only know to talk. They are incapable of doing the right thing. Simply they are only thinkers, not doers.

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I like to practice what lord buddha has taught us. It’s not like the traditional way, but I have a simple understanding of what’s right or wrong. In some teachings, we have taught about the “Anana Sukaya”. That means the happiness we gain by not having loans. I hope you understand my point. My opinion is that most Sri Lankans do not have a clear idea about managing their income. That also reflects the current situation caused by the irregular financial decisions taken by our politicians. The problem here is that they only manage the present condition and they do not have any plan for the future.

What I believe is that our people have the courage to withstand any problematic situation. As far as I know, resigning a government before its time comes never happened in Sri Lanka. So it needs some idea about what’s the next thing to do. As you all know the voice of our people has become massive pressure on this existing government. Like in other times, since this economic crysis does not have any short term solution, my opinion is that they will have to go out and a guardian government will have to rise with the right people in the right positions. In that way, we can cut down the unnecessary costs reserved for non-priority projects. In this current time, people do not have options. Most of them are trying ways to get at least 2 meals per day. That’s how bad this situation is. We have to take care of our people first. Unfortunately, our government do not care about us. Because of this reason people are gathering for justice. Hope is what makes us live. So, let’s hope.

Thank you for reading!

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