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Construction completed - Grand Opening Steem Culinary "Bun Dadar" on Sunday, 03 April 2022


In the post "Economic Activity - Installation of a Steem Culinary business banner with the STEEM logo" I am working with a handyman to complete the construction of a food business that is integrated with Steem, namely Steem Culinary "Bun Dadar".

Today I went back to work to finish the work of installing the steem logo banner with a handyman on cake racks and walls of business premises.

Work documentation

IMG20220401092831.jpgBusiness logo banner and steem logo

IMG20220401111311.jpgInstalling the banner on the shelf

IMG20220402144402.jpgInstallation of the steem logo banner on the shelf is complete

IMG20220402144424.jpgproduct order information banner on the wall

IMG20220401111326.jpgBanners used for shelves

IMG20220401182514.jpgInstalling the banner on the shelf

IMG20220402144414.jpgInstallation of the steem logo banner on the shelf is complete

IMG_20220402_150811.jpgCompleted work

We finally finished the installation of the steem logo banner in the afternoon. all preparations have been completed and this traditional retail "Steem Culinary" carries out business activities and promo steem.

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The food shop "Steem Culinary - Bun Dadar" will be opened to coincide on the first day of Ramadan, which is on Sunday, April 03 2022 at 04 pm. There has been a delay in the schedule from what was originally planned on April 02, 2022.


Steem Culinary will sell various types of traditional food and cakes, wet and dry. All products sold are only healthy ones without artificial sweeteners.

The benefits of Steem Culinary for the society

Steem Culinary will also accommodate food products or cakes produced by the local community. The presence of the Steem Culinary Shop also aims to help market food/cake products produced by the community. So far they have had problems in product marketing. Most of the cake sellers in our area are old and don't know much about technology, let alone social media. Steem Culinary takes on the role of promoting their products on social media by helping the packaging to be more attractive.

Promo Steem through the business sector

Banners, packaging and payment methods using Steem, SBD and TRX are the initial strategy for the Steem Culinary Store for the Steem Promo. The target is buyers of various ages and social status.

Cover Steemit (1).png

Source of funds

To start a food business "Steem Culinary" using my savings in the bank. The cost of building a shop and others has already cost around IDR 33,000,000 or 5,500 STEEM.

Promo Steem through the business sector is an idea or reason why I founded a community of steem entrepreneurs. I really believe in the survey results that most investors come from entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, I don't have enough funds to develop a big business so the impact is wider for the steem promo. But slowly I will continue to develop my business so that it is more developed towards that. Hopefully Steem can make my dreams come true.

Thanks for the support

Cc : @steemcurator01 | @pennsif | @stephenkendal

Note : 30% of the reward will be used for business developmentand and 20% for charity @steemkindness

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