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What to expect with Steem,are we going up or are we stagnant?

Hello members of steem schools, I'm glad to be writing to you all again, it's a question all steemians are asking, what to expect with steem?, what next?, Where do we go to next?, How do we expand?, How do we grow?, well I'm here to answer all these questions.
So far as I know steem has existed for quite a long time and it is gaining some grounds now, with it's appearance on most crypto markets and trading platforms. As members of the steemit website we expect more opportunities for the steem currency, like it's adoption in the physical markets of most countries as a legal tender just like how other countries adopt BTC and other cryptocurrencies in theirs, if this is done I bet bloggers of this website will be very glad and will find it great to use it for purchasing commodities.
Those are ways of expanding the steem currency.
For where we are going to next,it's up guys, we can only go up from here, with more people joining the team,and growing the steemit community,we are sure to go up, with more steemians promoting the website,we are sure to go up in the markets,in the economy and in sociality because steemit doesn't only give us money in the form of Steem but it also provides a space for people all over the world to know each other, and promote the one Love all over the world, I think this was even the main aim of this community,to promote sociality amongst users.
We grow by supporting each other, by making valuable comments and making quality contents,these are what would make us grow higher, this is how we grow.
So fellow steemians,we are still yet to reach out peak, pushing the bounds of success until our limits are boundless and our success are countless, these are the answers I can provide for these questions now, I hope it encourages and help us all to continue aspiring for greatness in this community and not let the failures of the past pull us down.
Thanks for reading and steem on 💪
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