ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION - could be an exhausting fork of Ethereum

ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION offers bold and effective solutions to the crisis in the blockchain industry . Ethereum , the world's leading platform for developing and building block applications, is currently in a deep crisis. Many solutions have been proposed, but none of them has been implemented so far - and the current course of Ethereum management does not inspire much optimism in the future. Solving existing problems will take years, and the solutions themselves may lead to even more problems in the future.

ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION is a new cryptocurrency that intends to bridge this gap between expectations and reality. Being a hard-fork of Ethereum , the system will use the most advanced solutions offered for the world's second largest digital currency, while still maintaining the ideal of decentralization. The project will combine technologies such as sharding , P2P asset sharing , dApp development tools and decentralized file storage using IPFS . Starting with a PoW- based system , it will later offer stable rewards for validator transactions through the introduction of Proof-of-Stake.while at the same time creating an optimal environment for creating new assets.

The goal of ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION is to solve the main problems facing Ethereum , including scaling, mining inefficiency and high cost of data storage. The transition to the Proof-of-Stake is a key element of this plan, but a number of additional modules and functions will also play an important role.

ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION is an advanced, fast, easy-to-scale and highly decentralized system, and Proof-of-Stake clearly does not meet these goals. Thus, after the initial period when the platform will use PoW , it will switch to PoS . Unlike Ethereum , which is likely to go through a long phase of partial testing (with testing one block out of 100 using PoS ), ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISIONperform a more decisive and confident transition. The team firmly believes that the introduction of a revolutionary update in an extremely limited form can only destabilize the network, prolong problems, create disagreements and ultimately make a complete transition impossible.


Ethereum Classic Vision could be an exhausting fork of Ethereum that leverages the simplest of each world's – true decentralization of Ethereum Classic and latest protocols developed for ETH, like PoS mining and sharding. With its Brobdingnagian scaling potential, high speed, and nice rewards for miners, Ethereum Classic Vision is that the final answer to the present challenges of the market. throughout the approaching exhausting fork on Jan eleven, 2019, all Ethereum holders can receive three ETCV for every ETH in their personal wallets.
Why Ethereum Classic Vision

Ethereum Classic Vision combines all 3 options that a very sure-fire blockchain must have: decentralization, measurability, and security. It offers a variety of serious advantages over ETH, ETC, and BTC:

A additional economical, secure, and profitable mining protocol that may keep the network totally localized.

No rental storage fee
Launching a wise contract can incur a nominal one-time fee; the ​unused contract is placed ina ​ temporary sleep state as a results of a vote.

ETCV network are going to be able to method twenty five000+ transactions per second as compared to merely 25 in ETH.

IPFS integration
Cheap localized file storage for your dApp.

Fair rewards
ETCV miners don't must worry that their reward are going to be randomly lowered – in our system, labourer and merchandiser interests are rigorously balanced.

Ethereum is unsustainable
ETH code includes a “difficulty bomb” designed into it – a bit of code that decreases the potency of mining new blocks, till the validation method stops fully - this can be called the “Ethereum ice age”. None of the development proposals supply a true answer – and therefore the secure switch to a Proof-of-Stake mechanism continues to be years away. Rewards for miners are going to be lowered and rent fees are going to be introduced for sensible contracts. big mining pools can take ever additional power, and individual mining can lose economic sense. ETH has failing its supporters – and its worth can keep falling.

Tokens of ETCV will be distributed free of charge among the owners of ETH January 11, 2019. Over the next few months, ETCV will be included in the number of large cryptocurrency exchanges (currently the project team is negotiating with several of them) and will be launched in its dApp development environment , where blockchain startups will be able to create and deploy new services, adding their assets to created P2P exchange - Vision DEX .

Project roadmap:

Q3-4 2018
ETH hard fork ideation & development; formation of the team; negotiation
with and signing up first advisors

Jan 11, 2019
Snapshot of the ETH network & distribution of Ethereum Classic Vision

Q1 2019
Introduction of the dApps platform (initially with new dApps residing on the mainchain and support for migration from Ethereum and Ethereum Classic virtual machines); establishment of key technological partnerships; listing Ethereum Classic Vision at a number of major digital exchanges; testing the P2P exchange module VisionDEX; security audit of VisionDEX smart contracts; expanding the team and adding more developers; launch of a large-scale marketing campaign.

Q2 2019
Implementation of the P2P decentralized exchange module; onboarding of an advisory board specializing in sharding and decentralized storage technology; work on the sharding protocol; development of the decentralized storage system based on IPFS; testing the PoS consensus protocol; roadshow covering major coding events and hackathons in Europe and Asia.

Q3 2019
Switch to the PoS consensus protocol; integration of the dApp platform with VisionDEX; Sharding implementation; testing of the file storage module and the associated rewards system; attracting advisors from the field of the zero-code movement.

Q4 2019
IPFS integration with rewards for storage space providers, the ​launch of a the ​ marketing campaign for the storage system; establishing partnerships with blockchain foundations in North America and East Asia; expanding the number of digital exchanges where Ethereum Classic Vision is listed.

Beta testing of additional features for VisionDEX (margin lending, limit orders, etc.)

Q2 2020
Integration of new exchange features: stop-loss, limit orders, margin trading;
implementation of a Sidechain Development Kit for the dApp platform

Q3 2020
Implementation of cryptocurrency derivatives trading; introduction of a
migration tool for dApps developed outside of EVM (NEO, EOS, Lisk, Stratis)

Q4 2020
Integration of a zero-code, drag-and-drop dApp development module

Ethereum Classic Vision exhausting fork - Jan eleven, 2019

A shot of the ETH network are going to be taken on Jan eleven, 2019. ALL users WHO hold ETH in their personal wallets at the instant of the shot can receive three ETCV per every ETH once the fork.

Note you need to hold ETH in your personal notecase (Jaxx, Coinomi, MyEtherWallet, Ledger Nano, etc.) to induce your free ETCV once the fork. Exchange wallets don't seem to be accepted!

Get Ethereum Classic Vision via Bounty

Our bounty could be a fantastic chance to induce ETCV coins at no cost – whether or not you don’t have any ether! All you've got to try and do is register for the bounty campaign and opt for the sort of tasks you relish most. Post concerning Ethereum Classic Vision on Twitter, produce video reviews on YouTube, write journal posts and articles – we'll reward all of your efforts!


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