Hi everyone ... How are you doing today, of course, in pleasant conditions, right? We pray that you will be healthy and happy.

O he ... On this occasion I will introduce myself to this Golos platform friend. My name is Syuheida, a student in Medan City Indonesia or you often hear about Sumatra Island, precisely at the USU Medan faculty. In the future education one more year will be completed and will get the title of S1 education.

Now I still live with my parents because in our habits and culture our daughters are not allowed to live alone until they have a husband. If they already have a husband, the girl will definitely be taken to her husband's house, and there will be no more restrictions for her child to live independently with her family.

I have a hobby of reading and writing and also sports.Also really like the types of insects that are benign and harmless.I besides learning, I also like the world of crypto currency because it is cool and I meet a lot of people other than in my country.

I am very happy to be in this Golos.Because here can channel talents in writing and reading, and as far as I know I am here can see the whole world in both the culture and others that are not in my country.However, I am still taboo here in the sense that there are still many that I don't know about gait or performance and rules here.For that I beg the Golos to always help me in all circumstances.And also to friends who already understand well here.Thank you very much.

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