MOOZICORE is the world's first streaming music service.

Good afternoon, dear subscribers of my blog! Today we have another portion of perspectives and innovations on the review. The huge competition of the world of ICO gives less and less chance to young start-ups to show themselves, to present their technologies and solutions. But even in such conditions there are projects that are easy to notice. One of these projects is “MOOZICORE”

Moozicore is a revolutionary background music for businesses where music is important

for clients. Their service turns background music into interactive source customers

Playlists. Unlike Spotify, tidal or any other non-commercial services, Moozicore will be completely

licensed and legal for businesses of all kinds.

This solution gives business owners control over playlists and more comfortable conditions for its

customers, with the ability to let them participate with music right from their smartphones

With Moozicore, business platform owners access the Moozicore web panel, which allows

create your own atmosphere from a licensed library with more than 20 million tracks. You can also customize

their music library, choosing from our online catalogs, built-in playlists, create your

use special tools or import your favorite playlists from Spotify or Apple Music.

The purpose of the project MOOZICORE?
The goal is to promote the institution, for example, bars, restaurants, entertainment venues, as well as various entertainment settings, the creation of personal, social music meetings for each consumer.

Moozicore can definitely develop places, such as bars, restaurants, training centers and a number of different entertainment venues, creating social music meetings that are adapted for each consumer.

What is so important in our administration is that it allows our customers to access dynamic consumer meetings, to draw with the most open music, TV shows, Internet life and perfect progress from their mobile phones? Buyers use the universal Moozicore Application to select ringtones, sounds higher and return music, gather with different bar audiences, share via networked network media and which more special offers from survey bars.

Moozicore believes that masters and lyricists receive legitimate awards for their efforts. For any organization that uses our administration, obtaining a license to implement from a licensed rights organization in the United States (ASCAP, BMI and SESAC) requested by Moozicore is significant.

How does Moozicore work?
This company promises a revolution in your social life. Moozicore is the basic idea that, using only your smartphone, you can change the background music.

Imagine this situation: you are in a bar with friends, and then you decide that you want to listen to some pop songs: you can only use your application to try to influence the background music, and there is a good chance that the music you want will play (except for other users of the application there).

Using your application, you will be able to rate songs from accredited media that have partnerships with Moozicore, add songs to playlists, choose songs that will be played next, and even share photos on social networks with friends.

It is worth noting that the Moozicore is an American company, and that contracts with bars and restaurants will be mainly carried out in the USA. Due to this problem, you cannot have access to the company's products if you live in another country or this service may take years or never contact you at all, so check availability before using this application.

Token Information
Ticker: MZG

Platform: Ethereum

Marker type: ERC 20

Available for sale: 498,000,000 MZG (61%)

ICO price: 1 MZG = 0.00036 ETH

Adoption: ETH

Soft cap: 100,000,000 MZG

Hard cap: 498,000,000 MZG












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