IOU: e-commerce True P2P e-Commerce Loyalty Platform on Blockchain


What Is IOU?

IOU seeks to reinvent the prevailing client loyalty programs in an exceedingly bid to supply additional edges, control, and suppleness to the merchants. Doing this can build it attainable for the merchants to ensure their purchasers the most effective attainable shopper satisfaction levels. this can be in exchange for the selling expenditures already incurred.

The loyalty system being planned by IOU can build it attainable for the business homeowners to create new interaction levels with their patronage. to boot, they're going to even be able to give a chance for his or her shoppers to freely exchange the IOUs in their possession with alternative shoppers. and here, every shopper really would become the “agent” targeting alternative shoppers on P2P exchange seeking to trade their nonheritable IOUs with alternative shoppers supported the requirement and price at the time of the dealings. Such approach permits merchants to get a stable flow of recent customers and really loyal customers.

For example, shopper A purchased edifice IOU in Rome and is traveling to Paris would possibly trade his/her IOU with the buyer B United Nations agency is traveling to Rome for the edifice in Paris. we tend to believe several shoppers would like better to purchase multiple IOUs from constant bourgeois if the supply is enticing to possess chance to trade some with alternative shoppers. This approach drives client satisfaction whereas giving Merchants wouldn't solely get the chance to draw in new customers however additionally receive their funds before.


IOU reevaluates existing loyalty frameworks in request to allow larger ability, control, and improved blessings for Merchants with a particular finish goal to make sure the foremost astounding conceivable level of client fulfillment for the caused advertising consumptions. IOU "loyalty system" permits entrepreneurs to form another level of collaboration with customers and, above all, offers the open door for purchasers to uninhibitedly trade their IOU Offers with completely different customers for various IOUs that square measure needed additional for those exchanging parties. IOU Peer-to-Peer (P2P) stage giving new open doors for each bourgeois (Business Dealer) on the world with relevancy loyalty system association, collaboration with consumers, investment fascination, and financial gain development by the strategies for provision its own unreservedly tradable IOUs (IOU Crypto-Obligations /"IOU-CO").

How IOU Work?

IOU offers complete straightforwardness exploitation Blockchain for its cluster Loyalty offers with clear visibility, security, speed of process and traceability of trasactions through the redistributed enter all things thought-about. IOU is giving Merchants and shoppers clear focal points over the customary net business condition influencing dealings to value effective and secure whereas building extreme trust amongst Merchants and shoppers. Rating element would facilitate a trust significantly more. Cost-adequacy of dealings and worldwide reach of purchasers beat the customary digital payment methods because it evacuates the middlemen/payment processors that take a serious cut. Not simply consumers would feel secure and find noteworthy assets nevertheless additionally, they might utilize their obtained IOUs as real commercial enterprise resources that they're going to have the capability to exchange with completely different shoppers or supply on the trade. this can be a colossal advantage of IOU Platform. Loyalty issue is another tremendous advantage sanctioning the 2 purchasers and merchants to urge remunerated for making prime of the road, quality offers and exchanges on IOU twenty four This report is entirely non-public, secret and individual to its beneficiaries and ought not be replicated, distributed or duplicated in entire or to a restricted extent, nor head to any outsider. Trade merchants and shoppers can have the capability to allow a number of IOUs for those in need and find remunerated for charitable exercises. The organization would likewise place gift asks for on extraordinary causes and would compensate Merchants and shoppers, and additionally match such gifts to profit those causes.

Details ICO

General information
Token: IOUX
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Qty: 800,000,000 IOUX
Price: 800 IOUX = 1 ETH
Payment: ETH
Qty: 10,000,000 IOUX
Beginning: 18.08.2018
Completion: 18.09.2018
Number: 100,000,000 IOUX
Beginning: 19.09.2018
Completion: 18.12.2018

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