PAYPERBLOCK !!! It is an independent platform based on blocking blocks. Encryption is the best ico platform in the market. Payperblock Blockchain Platform is mainly due to use the Etereum ERC20 paradigm and the sensitivity of the block chain Frelunching to solve the Moneybookers consumption problems to pay more securely and dynamically. Therefore, using PAYPERBLOCK is easy, flexible and accessible. PAYPERBLOCK is a click token for debit card payments. It is digital and will help users to financial convenience. PAYBEROCK (PAYB) focuses on providing exciting value-added services that simplify the management of debit cards and payment processes. Consumers will pay instantly using a simple integrated board. The PAYPERBLOCK business model comes from Frelunching, Wep Devolop, software and other flow distributions.

Payperblock operates an independent platform around the world for the blockchain expert that Payb Blockchain offers. PAYPERBLOCK Software Company. This company Each member is working diligently on the Payperblock project and all members are trusted.

If you pay with PAYPERBLOCK PAYB, you will only be charged a 1% fee, and if you use Bitcoin, you will be charged a 2% fee.

Both Payperblock customers and independents have access to the distributed dispute resolution process. The decision-making process based on the community is democratic and fair.

Payload Charge Use PayB Wallet to block cards in your local currency, pay the purchase amount or withdraw cash.

Sale of tokens

Payper Block Lunch Provide initial currency (ICO)
Total Payer Block of tokens of 10 billion tokens 5 Establishes the Commission and ICO enabled for Enable.

ICO presales information

Presales ICO will start from August 6 until September 10. Presale ICO 10% Bouns Enable.

Important ICO sales information

The main sales of ICO will start from September 10 to September 30. Weekly sales ICO Bouns Enable.

1 week 5% Bouns
2 weeks 3% Bouns
Thaird Week 2% Bouns


PRE-ICO August 2018

Your presale is open only to your accredited investors.
ICO September 2018
ICO has 1,000,000 personal tokens available to the public.
Listing in Exchange in September 2018
The default exchange will be negotiated at this point and will remain in the list when all processes are completed.
Alpha version November 2018
The previous version of the pre-release represents a part of a particular test process, so it gives users an idea of ​​what the platform looks like without using much of the functionality.
Marketing campaign December 2018
Your marketing team will strengthen campaigns in Europe and Asia to achieve this year's goals.
PayB Blockchain February 2019
The technology of the public distributed block chain PayB is published as a peer to peer agreement.
February, 2019 Symbolic exchange with PAYB
All PayBay token holders can exchange PayBrue ERC20 tokens for PayB coins in their block chains.
Sale of chips

We started the Initial Coin Serving (ICO) to issue the PayPerBlock token in the public block. The token is called PAYB and it is issued during pre-ICO and ICO. ICO is only available on the website.

The total supply of tokens is 10 billion. Our introductory program allows you and your affiliates to receive 5% of all PAYB tokens paid for ICO purchases.

Token sale

SoftCap: $ 1 million
Hardcover: $ 5 million
Advance ICO bonus:

10% bonus
Bonus blocking time: 3-6 months
ICO Bonus:

One week 5%
2 weeks 3%
Third week 2%
Bonus blocking time: 2-3 months

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