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Dear friends, today I want to give you an overview of the unique crypto-currency exchange in the country that is at the ICO stage. The uniqueness of the project is in the very idea of ​​crypto-exchange, which is aimed to solve the main problem of traders and users of crypto currency. The market of crypto-currencies is growing every day, along with the number of exchanges and exchange services is growing. But because of the lack of a unified system, users and their assets are divided, resulting in lack of liquidity and huge spreads being created.

At the same time, market volatility is increasing, which discourages traditional investors and hinders the development of the crypto-currency industry. When buying and selling a large volume of a crypto currency, a trader risks not receiving the necessary offer, or receiving a crypto currency at an unacceptable price. Crypto-exchange liquidity solves this problem by combining the liquidity flows of various sites in one exchange cup.

About Exchange Liqnet

Liqnet is a crypto exchange with a mechanism based on LEN technology, which allows you to collect application data from a variety of crypto currency exchanges (around the world) and create an exchange glass, thereby allowing you to make deals at the best prices with the minimum spread.


The team of developers of the crypto exchange Liqnet decided to attract investments using the ICO method and to extradite their LEN token. The target amount of raising funds through the ICO is from 20 million. dollars to 50 mil. dollars. Tokens can be purchased using currencies ETH, BTC, BCH, ZEC, LTC, XRP, Waves. After the completion of the ICO, the user can withdraw tokens from the purse to the investor's office in his personal wallet. If you manage to attract $ 50 million, if the tokens are distributed in the first three days, 63 746 032 tokens will be issued. At the same time, in the first 3 days investors receive a bonus to token 20%, the next three days -10%, four days - 5%. In the remaining days tokens will be sold without bonuses. Depending on the amount of funds collected, the LEN tokens will be distributed as follows.

Description of the LEN token

Name of the token: LEN Standard: ERC20 The maximum number of tokens (if implemented in the first 3 days): 63 746 032 The price of one LEN token: $ 1 Payment options: ETH, BTC, BCH, ZEC, LTC, XRP, Waves During the ICO, the required number of tokens will be created automatically. Link to the siteICO: https: // After the registration, the participants will have access to the press-contract. Mechanism of the destruction of the wool: the used tapes are destroyed using the mechanism described in the smart contract.

TokenHolders benefits ICO Liqnet - the opportunity to enter the market of crypto-exchange through a pro-project. ICO contains not only an excellent idea, but also a product ready for launch, which through tokenization can increase competitive advantages and develop exponentially.

Video presentation of ICO Liqnet

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nice overview)

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