Good afternoon, I present to your attention a unique project ico Liqnet ( ) - Cryptocurrency exchange platform with a unique liquidity pooling system. It allows users to unite different platforms and solve the problems of scattering of users, trading request and orders thus forming a unified book with better market depth.The platform use promotes the expansion of the cryptocurrency market enabling users to easily exchange different cryptocurrencies with the provision of liquidity pooling system. The LIQNET exchange with the combined liquidity of top-end crypto-exchanges will allowtrade with greater profit and attract large traders crypto-currency, and traditional financial markets. What makes the LIQNET exchange unique is the LEN (Liquidity Exchange Network) tool, which allows to collect and combine orders of our exchange's clients and orders from third-party platforms into a single order package and make them available for trading by all LIQNET's clients. ICO WITH A FINISHED PRODUCT: — test product right now. The trading is accessed through a unique professional web terminal that comprises: A graph with a multitude of tools for technical analysis, All types of orders and their execution policies, Tools for scalping trading, marketmaking, etc., high level of security. The finished produkt already contains the core withthe len technology.

As a result, our users get access to the single order book, in which they see both the orders of our exchange and orders relayed from other platforms. Due to the platform aggregating sufficient amount of liquidity of various tools, it is planned to implement trading of deliverable futures and options for those that have the highest liquidity.

Other advantages of LIQNET: Desktop apps (own desktop app, MultiСharts, TradingView, and MT5); Fully functional mobile trading apps for Android and iOS; An online-wallet project that provides the ability to exchange cryptocurrencies and fiat money by th epress of a button. Additionally, it has the easy cryptocurrency investment service with free and paid built-in strategies; Acquiring service for receiving payments in cryptocurrencies that provides sellers with many capabilities and protects from many risks.

The advantage of LIQNET over the Traditional Exchange: 1) Ability to execute a big order at the best price (large market depth) 2) Minimal spreads 3)Ability to trade large volumes without the risk of shifting the market 4) Best prices, minimal spreads, and the biggest volumes all in one place.

Ratings ico: 5/5 5.2/7 4.1/5 7.4/10 4.6/5
Token sale description: Token - LEN Price - 1 LEN = 1 USD
Bonus - Available MVP/Prototype- Available Platform - Ethereum Accepting - ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, ZEC Soft cap - 20 000 000 USD Hard cap- 50 000 000 USD Country - Singapore Restricted areas – USA diagr_eng.png

Benefits of the token holders:

Purchase a discount on fees: one token gives a 0,5% discount on the sum of fees for one day. The discount if activated for 24 hours in the personal account immediately after the withdrawal of tokens or at a particular time. Increment size is 0,5%, the highest possible discount is 90%. The timing of the discount can be chosen in the personal account. Get access to the voting service to make decisions on the following matters: Choice of the trading pairs offered at the exchange: at first, one or two pairs will be available in the system, the token holders choose the first 20 pairs that will be added to the system after the ICO; Choice of the ways of spending 50% of attracted funds; -Choice of trading pairs to be added in the future in addition to the pairs that will be added by the LIQNET developers; Increase of the exchange’s marketing budget; Increase of deposits on other exchanges to provide better liquidity for the LIQNET platform; Choice of additional sources of liquidity for LIQNET in addition to the ones added by the LIQNET developers; Buy-out of the tokens on our platform at current prices to support the demand for them thus evading low price token sales and, therefore, the access of users to ultra-high discounts in large volumes, which can lead to a drastic decrease of the volume of the exchange’s fees. Summing up, It is worth mentioning the professional team, which qualitatively work on the project. This project is one of the best in 2018 and has a great future. I recommend taking part do not miss the chance become part of a better project !!

More information about the project can be found on the website.

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Very informative article, thanks for the information provided

23.07.2018 10:14

A cool article, Quite the good and full information. I hope there will be more articles

24.07.2018 09:33
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