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LIQNET is a currency exchange that combines liquidity from stock exchanges and solves the problem of pooling traders, their trading orders and orders, forming a single exchange glass with the actual depth of the market at the most preferable prices.

LIQNET Company launches a new type of currency exchange based on the LEN (Liquidity Exchange Network) mechanism, this technology increases liquidity and allows combining orders of customers, including third-party platforms into a single order pool, making them available for trading to LIQNET customers. Currently, the market there are dozens of crypto-exchange exchanges.

Traders of these stock exchanges and their assets are scattered, which means that there is no access to the combined liquidity of the market. For further development, the market badly needs standardization, especially in the light of constant failures in the arbitrage mechanism, attacks on the network and other threats of loss of liquidity in trade transactions. The guys from LIQNET have developed an up-to-date mechanism for providing liquidity, LEN (Liquidity Exchange Network).

 This technology allows you to collect data on orders from other exchanges anywhere in the world and form a single exchange glass.

 Using public APIs of exchanges, LEN polls their stock cups, forming a single market exchange cup for their customers.

 Due to increased liquidity, users can make deals at the most favorable prices with the minimum spread, having only one trader account, without breaking the deposit in order to reduce the risk and obtain the most acceptable prices.

As a result, LIQNET users receive a combined order glass in which they receive orders from our exchange customers and retranslated orders from other stock exchanges.

 The platform will aggregate a sufficient amount of liquidity for various instruments, in the future they plan to introduce trade in delivery futures and options for the most liquid ones.

 Let's consider the main differences from traditional crypto-exchange marketplaces:

Execution of major transactions at the best price (great depth of the market)
Minimum Spreads
Trading volumes without risk to market
The best prices, minimum spreads and liquidity in one place
About company:

LIQNET was created in 2015 by entrepreneurs Roman Shirokov, Vyacheslav Kasatkin and Evgeny Tarasenko as a result of a detailed analysis of the problems of the foreign exchange market.

The goal of the project is to create a unique and reliable exchange that can unite the liquidity of competing platforms and solve the problem of market fragmentation.

   Consultants: Teodos Murusis, Christelle Galano

Details Token Sale:
Token - LEN
The price is 1 LEN = 1 USD
Bonus - Available
MVP / Prototype- Available
Platform - Ethereum
Accepted for payment - ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, ZEC
Minimum fees - 20 000 000 USD
Maximum fees - 50 000 000 USD
Country - Singapore

Liqnet Ratings 5/5 5.2 / 7 4.1 / 5 7.4 / 10 4.6 / 5

2-3 QUARTER 2018 - Desktop applications (LIQNET application, integration into MultiSharts, TradingView and MetaTrader 5)

4 QUARTER 2018 - Full-featured trading applications for Android and iOS

3-4 QUARTER 2018 - Online wallet with the investor's office, functions of reception, storage, sending of funds, automatic conversion.

1 QUARTER 2019 - Service for the safe reception of payments in crypto-currencies. Crowdsale is scheduled for May-June 2018 and will consist of two stages: a closed and open part of the ICO.

To participate in ICO LIQNET, register on the site, go to your personal account and follow the instructions.

Platform (beta):

Access to trade is realized through a professional web terminal.

Key features of the LIQNET terminal:

Graph with a wide range of tools for technical analysis. Different types of orders and policies for their execution. Tools for scalping and other strategies.

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