The draft platform, Tokengo. A review of the conduct of the ICO

The draft platform, Tokengo. A review of the conduct of the ICO

Want to provide for Your review a platform Tokengo which conducts ICO. At this stage, collected more than 4,000 Ethereum, with the present situation on the market of cryptocurrencies decent figure.

TOKENGO is a blockchain-based business tokenization platform that uses a fair reward system.

On the platform, Tokengo will be provided and available the following functions: the Conduct of proceedings ICO, voting, creation of its own cryptocurrency, payments, widgets, voting, authentication and notarization, certificates, and private exchange and office bounty, for the bounty of third-party companies ISO.

Today in the Russian segment of cryptoplugin Tokanga there is one competitor, it's Waves, but if you take the scale of the project and the number of functions, unquestionably the platform, Takingo in this sense, the leader. I would also like to say that many investors do not trust the waves, as there were many Scam projects based on them, so The tokengo platform has all the chances to capture part of the market, and even become leaders in the Russian-speaking segment.

So my opinion about this project: the Project is really strong, a huge plus is its multitasking, as well as the team's approach to the conduct of IcO (made their own Cabinet of the participant bounty, which in the future will be able to provide others with ICO for a fee), held videoconferences with the founder Anton Bendersky, which indicates the openness of the project. Clearly to participate in the project you need, if you have the finances then as an investor, if not then as a participant in the bounty of the company.
Bounty from the project TokenGo
It is based on blockchain that uses its own developments. They are all designed and coded from the ground up to improve speed and scalability. Any mobile or web application can access the blockchain functions through a Simple tokengo API.
TokenGo offers a common area with private offices and all systematic summary information for connected to connect to services and projects, and current procedures of the ICO.
The cryptocurrency exchange is an important part of The tokengo ecosystem. The flexible architecture allows you to integrate an unlimited number of currency pairs. Advanced page trading, simplified test of balance, intuitive ease of use interface, and synchronization with private offices. All this greatly simplifies and accelerates the process of income generation by users.
This bounty campaign will be held from 11.12.17 to 10.01.18

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