Investing in TokenGo

Today I want to talk about the TokenGo platform, which is based on blockchain, which uses its own developments, which are designed and coded from scratch to improve speed and scaling. Any mobile or web application can access the blockchain functions through a Simple tokengo API.

Not so long ago began ISO Tokengo project, this platform is every day gaining a large audience of users as investors and participants in the bounty of the company.

Ecosystem TokenGo provides full isolation of the economic and social processes and built with all the modern above requirements to succeed and provide profits to its participants.

At the end of ISO

After the end of the ISO project, Tokengo launches its branded stock exchange, which will be traded coin GoPower for coin holders value will constantly increase due to limited quantity and special features. GoPower gives the right to participate in the mining of coins GoCoin. Up to 90% of all issued gocoin coins will be distributed among GoPower token holders. GoPower has the power to vote 10 times more than GoCoin for earnings at the polls.

What kind of purse you can use to store GoPower ?

  1. Gopower coin token, released in the Ethereum blockchain.
  2. You can use Any Ethereum wallet convenient for you
  3. Tokengo recommends the official Ethereum Wallet.
    The output of coins Tokengo
    After investing, GoPower tokens are credited to your personal account, after 3 confirmations in the network.
    After accrual, you can withdraw tokens to your wallet address at any time.
    With the exception of tokens that were issued during the period of the bounty campaign.
    GoPower accrued for the tasks of the bounty campaign, you can display immediately after the end of the ICO
    Referral program and bonuses from the platform

Consider a very convenient referral program Tokengo:
A global bonus that is valid for all limited time.
Personal referral bonuses-work through the referral link.
Bounty referral bonuses.
Global bonus on PRE-SALE to 50%.
Global bonuses on ICO:
30% - 1 week ICO.
20% - 2 week ICO.
10% - 3 week ICO.
5% - 4 week ICO.
Bounty referral bonuses:
Bounty referral bonus is 2% of GPT tokens from all tasks performed by your invited referral.
2% will be credited to the inviter if the inviter has a purchase of at least 100 GPT or earned in a bounty campaign of at least 10,000 GPT.
Example of work a bounty of bonus the participant who has earned at least 10,000 GPT to the task and the bounty of the campaign or bought at least 100 GPT:

You earned from 10,000 GPT or bought at least 100 GPT. You have invited a friend who has completed tasks with a total value of 2000 GPT.
In this case, your invited referral earned 1960 GPT and you earned 40 GPT.

Is it worth investing in TokenGo?
Friends, is worth or not-to decide you and only you. I bought in this company over 1,000 tokens to get a good bonus for the people who will sign up on my link, and this is my first ICO. Advised me to my friend, who has long been engaged in the analysis of coins and ICO, and while all his advice brought me profit. But this investment is the best I've ever made. So here really invest the amount that you think is right. 10, 50, 100 dollars . 1 token currently costs about 65 cents. And what will happen — we'll see. Most terribly interesting. But I liked this company. If she really does what she's planning, it's going to be a huge project.

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