TruePlay - fair ecosystem of gambling
Every gambler loves, as no one else knows, how much is a fickle and risky way to spend his money. And it's not about the risks of the games themselves, which, for example, in an online casino is enough, because of the specifics. We have in mind the risks that the player must go when he tries to withdraw the earned money. Opacity of information plays into the hands of those players who do not want to act honestly. Guarantee of 100% payout for a gambling company is a very complicated matter. So it was before.

Today, a promising TruePlay project is entering the gambling market . Founded by a team of developers with extensive experience in the gambling segment, TruePlay promises to significantly improve the fairness of the game process.

What do we mean by fairness? Fairness in this case is financial security for all participants of the TruePlay ecosystem . For the players, it is an opportunity to withdraw your winnings without too much difficulty, and also make big bets without problems, creating high deposits for them. A significant advantage of TruePlay is the high speed of transactions, which can not but please any participant in the process. A huge plus of TruePlay

  • The decentralized register on which the platform is based. This in itself should draw the attention of a large number of members of the gaming community to the project. After all, the platform of gambling, where all the data is absolutely transparent and accessible to any participant, should become a real paradise for players, operators and affiliates and game providers.

Everything described above becomes possible also thanks to its own token of the TruePlay platform called WinCoin (WNC). The WinCoin token will become a means of calculation within the TruePlay system . By means of a token, the platform solves not only its own needs in the internal unit of calculation, but also attracts the attention of holders of the crypto currency - a sector that has been very little involved before in the gambling segment.

Very soon everyone will be able to join the preliminary sale of the WinCoin (WNC) token. It will be held from 15 to 30 April 2018.

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