Erecoin: Brilliant Connection Between Additive Manufacturing and Blockchain

Hello readers, welcome to my Golos blog and i would love to use this opportunity to introduce you to a cryptocurrency known as Erecoin.

ERECOIN project is a beneficial interaction of two current patterns and advancements, which together will make a totally new condition for collaboration and task of fabricating additives.
As you officially comprehended in the Duo of this advantageous interaction included the added substance framework itself and obviously, the widely adored blockchain innovation. All things considered, it falls among the most essential job, because of which the additive will achieve a totally new dimension of improvement.

The primary objective of ERECOIN is to join every single imaginable member of the added substance inside one advanced platform, where all states of communication will be constrained by methods of blockchain and the use of smart contracts in which this will help the clients to get proprietorship rights and will never again have the capacity to stress over their disclosures, manifestations, or some other individual items. Also clients will have the capacity to serenely understand all their specialized lawful issues in the world of additives. Thirdly, because of the vast number of capacities and administrations, the members of the two gatherings will lack ability to set up a trust association with one another, but also to convey the created plans to the completed item adequately and securely.
Furthermore, it doesn't make a difference whether you will go about as an individual or a corporate customer, every one of the conditions in ERECOIN are mainly for improving the financial assets of the additives framework. In basic words, ERECOIN project means to make complex procedures progressively basic, justifiable, and in particular available, in this way making a one of a kind commitment to the improvement of the whole additive industry around the world.

Maybe the most essential preferred standpoint of the ERECOIN platform is that It is the main decentralized arrangement that showed up on the planet to take care of the considerable number of issues existing in the additives projects. The engineers of this idea are very much aware of all the development and prospects of this course. The world will never remain stagnant, so you should rapidly offer a solution for the growth of every circle of our life which is fundamentally prepared to make the folks from ERECOIN
That is the reason ERECOIN shows up before us as a worldwide project that opens up new doors for any business bearing related with the additive and added substance industry and enables us to adaptably move in it without dread of any entanglements and extortion. Everything is based on quality, unwavering quality, trust, transparency and above all wellbeing.

Token Name => ERE
Token Type => ERC20
Token Supply => 360,000,000 ERE
Token Price => 1 ERE = 0.0005 ETH
Accepted Payment Method => ETH

60% Allocated to ICO
20% Allocated to Reserve
10% Allocated to Marketing
6% Allocated to Airdrop and Bounty
4% Allocated to Founder



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