Good evening my dear readers. Today I want to offer you an overview of a very promising and having all the chances to bring a quick profit project.With the development of blockchain technology, there is a real opportunity to change the economic model of relations in many areas of people's lives. The main advantage of crypto economy is full decentralization of all processes, transparency of actions of participants, security.
Currently, the process of blockchain implementation in various sectors of human activity, including the financial sector and investment activities is accelerating.

There are thousands of new startups that base their activities on crypto technologies. For its development, companies collect money from interested investors, which accelerates the development of software products, accelerates marketing.
Despite some positive trends, the investment market of the ICO project remains in its infancy and has some serious problems hindering its development.

Studies have been conducted that have identified major market problems.
⏩ Investors in new projects, entering into ICO, acquire tokens, but often lose all their funds if the project turns out to be a fraud or does not develop, according to its roadmap. The experience of the venture capital market at an early stage shows that 9 out of 10 projects fail. According to experts, most of the projects ICO to be a fraud.
Most private investors do not have the experience to distribute their funds for different products, so they risk losing all invested funds at one time. This seriously undermines the credibility of modern investments in the crypto industry.
In addition, even the real founders of the project have almost no motivation to develop their projects after attracting millions of dollars. As a rule, the use of borrowed funds is not limited.
Most private investors have insufficient experience in analyzing projects, which gives fraudsters the opportunity to manipulate the opinion of potential investors.

⏩ In many cases, the price of tokens issued through ICO falls as soon as they are displayed on exchanges for trading. Many projects distribute a significant share of their tokens among early stage investors, crypto funds, and sometimes even advisors, with huge discounts, which usually leads to a strong token sale on exchanges, and hence to low prices, which leads to distrust on the part of many market participants. Investors lose their money and trust.

⏩ In our time, a potential investor can not thoroughly analyze and select a promising project, as there is no reliable and reliable source of information.
It is inconvenient for investors to analyze and choose projects, as each project has
non-standard description, with the number of projects growing, and sometimes reaches dozens a day.
It is impossible to compare projects, track events in the calendar, analyze road maps and social networks of all projects daily.

⏩ Modern investor is still difficult and inconvenient to purchase tokens projects.
Registration of a cryptocurrency wallet and exchange of Fiat currency for crypto assets are
barrier for beginners to participate in the project. Most projects do not offer
the ability to buy your tokens directly in regular currency and in the usual ways accepted all over the world. This often discourages many large investors.
To buy tokens of several projects, you must register in each of the ICO on your website and each time transfer the KYC identification. It's not safe, it takes a long time.

Read more about the project W12

To solve the above problems and creates a new project W12, which will ultimately help to increase profits to investors in the world of cryptography dozens of times thanks to insurance in the area of investment in ICO of return of money in case of Scam, deviations from the road map or the drop in the price of the tokens of the project is lower than ICO.

How the W12 platform works

➥Project representative is registered on the project platform https://w12.io/ru / and fill in the required information about your startup, prescribes a roadmap, conditions of sale of tokens
➥The project chooses one of the following options:

  • Issue ERC20 tokens yourself and transfer part of these original tokens to
    W12 smart contracts.
  • Release of original tokens through the W12 platform.
    In this case, the project also retains the ability to sell part of its tokens through its own website or other Resellers or the original project tokens are sold only through the W12 network.
    ➥The project passes the original token to the address of the smart contract W12. The project can
    transfer an additional amount of original tokens for sale to the W12 platform at any time during the token sale period.
    ➥The smart contract issues the same number of protected W-tokens as the number of the original
    ➥Token buyers transfer funds to a smart contract that sells W-Tokens
    (ABC-W) and secures the W-Tokens back to your wallet. The number of purchased protected W-tokens is determined based on the amount of transferred funds. Each project sets prices and discounts for its tokens. The project can set a discount depending on the date and the number of assets purchased. The price of protected W-tokens is always equal to the price of the original tokens.
    ➥Token buyers have two options:
  • The exchange of protected W-token with the original token.
    The exchange requires the transfer of protected W-tokens to the W12 smart contract address.
    By default, this exchange can be performed at any time.
    The project can use the token hold function and set the blocking period depending on the discounts provided.
  • Make a refund (from unspent project funds) - if the project is not delivered.
    To make a refund, the user transfers W-Tokens to the project Fund and receives
    the funds are in his wallet. This amount is equal to their investment amount, less
    funds that have already been transferred to the project for completion.

W12 project platform

The developers have already done a lot of work and prepared their MVP for the test.
You can go to the platform https://w12.io/ru/ and view all system functions.
The main task of the project is to provide full information for potential investors and ensure the safety of investments.at ICO stages.
When a new project appears, an ICO company will be created, which will sell its tokens with the addition of the letter W. For example: https://w12.io/ru/project-card/auctus/

The site has convenient sections for users:

You can study the white paper of the project, study and view ready-made codes on the GitHub website, view promotional materials and presentations, the project team and much more.
In addition, you can quickly verify the presence of the project domain registration, view sites, explore social networks, reviews and user opinions.

ICO, W12 project tokens sale

Currently, the W12 project team is selling tokens, so do not miss the unique opportunity to purchase tokens and become a full member of the W12 community.
All token holders will be able to take part in private events to invest in various new startups on the project platform. The main feature for participation in the project is a full guarantee of investment security, money back in case of non - fulfillment of obligations from the organizers of startups.

Characteristics of W12 tokens:
W12 is a utility token, the internal currency of the W12 platform and based on the ERC20 standard, which simplifies integration into the user's wallet. Operations performed using a token on the platform are recorded to the blocking account using a smart contract.
The W12 token is used to store collected funds by projects on the platform.
The project independently chooses in which cryptocurrency to store funds.
The more W12 token is used to store funds, the less platform fee for the project.
Thus, the more secured ICO project tokens will be sold on the platform, the more W12 token will be used to store funds.
W12 token is required to pay for the platform services. With the help of the W12 token, you can purchase tokens of any ICO projects placed on the W12 platform.

The token type: ERC20
Platform: Ethereum
Symbol: W12 Token (W12)
Price: 0.00035 ETH
Number of tokens: 400 million
Accepted form of payment: ETH, LTC, BTC, BCH, ETC
Hard Cap: until the number of tokens in the token sale round is limited.

Crowd sale: 80 million tokens (25200 ETH-28000 ETH)
The time of the:
Starts: 27 July 2018
End: 27 September 2018
Discount: from 10% to 0%
The cost of a token: 0,000315 ETH - ETH 0,00035 full
Hard cap: 80m tokens W12
Fee amount: from 25200 ETH to 28000 ETH (depending on discount)

In the Pre-sale and Crowd sale stages, the purchase price of the token increases evenly each day according to the size of the discount at the beginning and end of the stage. W12 reserves the right to offer a reduced price for the W12 token to long-term institutional and strategic token buyers.

Token Sale
Start: from 1 November 2018

The advantages of buying token W12 under ICO:
When you buy W12 tokens at the ICO stage, you get a premium account that provides the right to free tokens for hundreds of other ICO projects that have launched their ICO on the W12 platform.
Account validity: 2 years. After 2 years, you can renew access. Among the paid accounts, 50% of the Commission received in the project tokens for conducting ICO on the platform is distributed.
Calculation and conditions of bonuses:

To purchase platform tokens, go to the website https://tokensale.w12.io/ and sign up.

Detailed information about the project:

Website: https://www.W12.io/
ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3220425.0
Whitepaper: https://tokensale.w12.io/W12-en.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/w12_io
Telegram: https://t.me/w12_io
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/w12.io/

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