Greetings to you my dear readers.Today I present a new and unique project.This is a very cool project.InziderX is a part of the over-the-counter market where users are able to convert their twenty or more monetary assets digitally, without the need for any checks. Transactions are carried out with anonymous insiders, wallet to wallet using automatic swapping. Network technology, the Lightning provides liquidity using a relay system

Terminal InziderX devoted to the algorithms traders and assets who are looking for quality performance and leverage. The platform is also user-friendly, providing traders with tools to help them deploy their strategies with complex order types, advanced API commands and a profile graphics package.
Features of the platform

✔ Decentralized exchange

The exchange is carried out on the basis of wallets, ensuring the security of the user's funds. There are no restrictions, labels or checks on the trader who wants to be a part of this platform. The exchange will use the most advanced trading terminals and combine them with the latest technology providing a window to tomorrow's markets.

✔ A network of lightning

The platform includes the liquidity of large centralized exchanges and other well-known large players using the lightning network. The platform provides security using decentralization as well as liquidity.

✔ Advanced trading tools

The platform focuses on active and algorithmic trading. Using API commands, Pro-trading chart maps and access to complex orders, the platform will give traders the missing trading tools in Forex systems.

✔ Public trade

The system will have many incentive programs to reward members of the InziderX community. The platform will also provide tips and personal analysis to help the community learn about the most advanced ways of trading.
The advantages of the platform InziderX

✔ Margin and stock trading

Users can borrow a certain amount of funding to enter a margin position. Financing of orders from other users gives traders an opportunity to earn.

✔ Active learning community

The community will allow communication and interaction between traders so that traders can learn from other traders, exchange ideas, algorithms and strategies. Authors will be rewarded for their contributions to the community.

✔ Traders competition

Traders can participate in the traders contest, where they will be given the opportunity to show their best trading strategies and algorithms. Get a chance to get rewarded for their contribution. The best traders from the contest can transmit signals to others and get rewards for it.

✔ Pro-Trading Chart

The platform is a charting package that uses 50 drawing tools, 100 indicators and oscillators to create accurate charts that give better analysis.

✔ Numerous rewards

The award will be given to market makers, traders contest winners, signal providers and community contributors.

✔ ICO Selling token INX

INX is a utility token that will be used on the InziderX platform. It will be used to pay for services on the platform and reward traders. Token holders will receive a 10% discount on all transaction fees. ICO INX will occur in the period from July to December 2018.

✔ Road map

November 2017

TECHNOLOGICAL RESEARCH. Several tests and studies conducted on the latest technologies to further improve the platform.

March 2018

TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION – COMPLETED. Create an inziderx Exchang vision.

December 2018

FORUM SERVICE INX. Revitalization of the forum and distribution INC.

February 2019

THE DISTRIBUTION OF INX. Newsletter of the purse and dissemination INX

July 2019.

FIRST INSIDERY EXCHANGE. The main characteristics are proven.

January 2020

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT. Reward programs, contests and signals.

February 2020

THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE VOTING SYSTEM. The community takes control of the platform.

June 2020

INZIDERX EXCHANGE. All features are fully activated.



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