Nebula AI - decentralized computations with artificial intelligence


The team of the project sets itself the task of integrating the detachment into artificial intelligence. This allows anyone to access the computing power of AI from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. That in turn will contribute to the development of technology, which has great potential for application in various spheres of human activity.

Blockchain Nebula AI is a blockchain of a new generation designed to solve the problems associated with the computing power necessary to work in the field of artificial intelligence, the team solves the problems of interaction and information exchange of working people over a single task, but located in different parts of the earth. The goal is to allow them to ensure the interregional linking of resources on a decentralized basis.

Nebula AI strives to create decentralized computations with artificial intelligence, a decentralized network will provide high speed of operation that will allow access to computing power from remote regions. Thanks to this, not only the industry giants such as Google and Amazon, but also other small companies will participate in the development. The NBAI ecosystem will consist of two main and system components. The NBAI will promote the development of operation by joint artificial intelligence labs and engineering centers.


• Artificial intelligence of Decentralized Applications needs a corresponding boundary for DAI App programmers to call upon conveniently and use the networks computing energy. It includes the sum API, computing ability estimation API & work estimation API, in order to pace up the progress of AI applications.

2018-04-12_001330.jpg • Shared Artificial intelligence computing network: will address the unbalanced demand among suppliers and consumers of AI devices.

• AI Physical Computing components: a wide number of GPU computing mining devices can be converted into Artificial intelligence computing units from easy hash calculation in more significant AI task calculation.

• Artificial intelligence Engineer Training Center: a systematic AI training center to offer practical information in the sector of AI.

• Integrated IPFS disseminated storage space: IPFS storage platform to replace the usual centralized cloud storage space or local file storage space, in order to attain enhanced distributed storage.


With Nebula AI GPU miners get an additional channel to allocate the computing power. This allows them to scale their computing power with more security as they can balance their computing power allocation towards either mining or powering AI development depending on where the demand increases.

2018-04-12_001617.jpgThis wil alsol allow a greater economy of scale and can have a positive impact on the prices of both mining and AI development. As a result, supply of miners may increase and could thereby lead to an even greater source of computing power for developers.


To implement such a large-scale project, which will combine blockchain and artificial intelligence, experts are certainly needed to implement it. The project Nebula AI attracted the best specialists who will be engaged in its implementation. People gathered with great experience both in the sphere of blockchain and artificial intelligence, starting from this one can expect that the project will be successful and in demand.


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