Fanfare ICO Review

We are going to review a project call FANFARE, we are going to be talking about what fanfare is all about, the benefits, how it works, the token and ICO details to mention but a few. Join me in this exciting review.

About FanFare
FanFare is a blockchain-based community platform that allows for the social e-commerce of content through instant shoppable options depending on brands. The platform’s design is made to enable the social e-commerce for the brands to interact with their potential consumers through the integrated Brand-consumer engagement. Additionally, FanFare will allow brands to convert the consumer-generated content especially videos into shoppable content for users to buy.

This online shopping activity is a new form of communication that does not require face-to-face communication directly, but can be done separately from and to the world through notebook, computer, or mobile media connected with Internet access service.

How Fanfare Blockchain Social Commerce Community Works
The FanFare ecosystem will encompass the following features ;

FanFare tokens (FAN)- the FAN tokens go into use as a reward mechanism for content creators who earn through the shoppable videos
Brands- consumers brands looking to utilize the ecosystem will need to purchase FAN tokens, from where they can add products to the user-generated videos
Viewers- content consumers get to shop on the FanFare e-store, access the brands’ websites and campaigns
FanFare e-store- brands will provide for their products on the platform’s e-store, with the purchases in the form of FAN tokens
Benefits Of Fanfare
Creators will get rewards and brands can leverage the power of Consumer Generated Videos to build their image, promote their products and encourage direct sales, or to generate leads, while at the same time, creating their own library of consumer-generated videos that are collected viral in their own channels.

Less costly for brands looking for alternative options for advertising and reaching out to their possible customers

Security of the content sharing process as smart contracts enable an efficient and transparent verification process.

Attractive discounts- consumers get to purchase brand products from the FanFare eStore stand to benefit from the additional price and commodity discounts also Rewards for content creators with high-quality creations and users who buy products from the eStore using the FAN tokens.
You can also participate in Campaigns and take part in campaigns, earn more fans and stand to win prizes. Boost your videos for exciting rewards.

Token & ICO Details
Ticker- FAN
Type- ERC20
Accepts- ETH
Total FAN token supply: 2,000,000,000 FAN
FAN token supply for Private sale: 400,000,000 FAN (20% bonus)
FAN token supply for Pre-ICO sale: 200,000,000 FAN (10 % bonus)
FAN token supply for Crowd sale: 200,000,000 FAN (5% bonus for Part 1, 0% bonus for Part 2)
Price of FAN token: 1 ETH = 10,000 FAN
Price- 1 FAN= 0.0001 ETH
ICO Hard Cap: Fixed, $40000000
ICO Soft Cap: Yes, $4000000


FANFARE is an open platform yet a closed-loop ecosystem where both brands and users can interact with each other seamlessly. It’s the world’s first Blockchain-powered Social Commerce community that will help brands connect with users intimately through Consumer-Generated Shoppable Videos.
The project is very exciting with a big fanbase, Get on board and you will be glad you do


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