Scam or legit? NNS's Answers

Here is an update with answers from the NNS team.


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Recent answers to our questions from the NNS team:

Q: You said that you're planning to add an ability to resolve pet names, among other things. Pet names?

A: Yes, exactly. This is like Cryptokitties. Every pet can have a name, like xyz.eth.

Q: Why use NNS for emails and message addresses? They’re not written with hashes and can be easily read via symbols and phrases. Unless… do you mean using NNS for your own email service?

A: The email and messaging are conventional types. What we mean is blockchain-based email and messaging service. All of them will adopt hashes. So with NNS, you can just bond a phrase with your actual hash address.

Q: Will you protect the project from a homograph attack? If yes, how? Important , since using a homograph attack, a malicious actor can switch out the domain name for a fake one. []


A: There are limits on ascii characters in our resolovers. Special characters are not allowed to be used.

Q: You mentioned an airdrop to NEO holders (1 NEO to 0.1 NNC). When?

A: One week after the snapshot, which will be on June 27th.


The team's answers make sense. They were relatively quick to answers (a few days).

Verdict remains

Not a scam, Approved!

Disclaimer: The above audit is not in any way financial advice or a solicitation to buy - it's merely our collective opinion that we are kind enough to share with you. Don't make us regret that.

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