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The world is waking up to the impressive capabilities of the blockchain, and in which Smart Contract is also an important factor. Let's explore the power of Smart Contract through Infograsphic below:

As a platform technology that everything can be built on, potential applications of blockchain go further, rather than just payments or electronic money. In fact, blockchain can revolutionize the way we interact with intellectual property, capital markets, insurance, health, government and many other areas.

Renovato is a token exchange platform built on Ethereum and designed to ensure customer privacy and security. Renovato opened a fast and convenient method for exchanging tokens ERC20 under P2P network by agreement outside the chain and transactions in the chain. Renovato was created with the aim of providing customers with fast global transaction services without intermediaries and no transaction fees.

Renovato is offering STO tokens into our World Class Exchange with unprecedented service. ICO tokens are also available as a bonus for token sale participants.

Characteristics of RENOVATO

ICO token does not share profits or guarantee in any way with RENOVATO. The holder of the ICO token has no role in managing RENOVATO or any right usually associated with equity interest and no voting rights. You can purchase your ICO token or outside your hold. The limit of ICO token is 35 million dollars (50% of the total). The ICO owner has no right to receive dividends or any other distribution from RENOVATO or any other individual and any discussion of any potential bonus described in this white paper will not grant any such rights or obligations. ICO owners do not have the right to buy back and RENOVATO has no obligation to repurchase any token or other number of tokens in total circulation.

RENOVATO will create a funded to-be-redeemed Reserve Reserve with up to 20% of net revenue of all revenue streams to create price stability with our VATO currency. We intend that the owner of the VATO token will receive a discount for fees based on their overall VATO holding rate. The more VATO you own, the higher the discount will be. This may encourage our customers to buy and keep VATO, continue to stabilize prices.

The information in this White Paper does not cover all issues that may be relevant to consideration of whether to purchase, use, hold or transfer and is not intended to provide and should not rely on financial, accounting math, legal, regulatory or advisory tax.

Participants in the Token Sale should note that, as with any developing industry, there are risks involved (including not building the intended foundation). RENOVATO has worked hard to minimize these risks by cooperating with industry leading blockchain companies. The potential for future regulation, security vulnerabilities in one of our third-party service providers, volatility in the electronic money market and other cases may present challenges. Unexpected mode may affect the RENOVATO platform and / or the value of VATO.

In order for the RENOVATO platform to move to the operational stage, Token Sale must meet the minimum sales target of 1 million US dollars. If the sale of the RENOVATO token does not reach this minimum amount, the VATO buyer will have the opportunity to pay the full refund to the VATO bought.

Advantages of the project

We provide a solution for both new and professional traders to contribute to many of our revenue sources:

  • Trade commissions - A certain percentage will be calculated for all transactions from traders including Electronic Money, Forex and CFD.
  • Investment platform commissions - This includes all projects based on blockchain and new currencies registered with RENOVATO to enhance liquidity and capital mobilization.
  • Exchange listing fee ICO / STO - One-time exchange listing fee will be calculated from all
    new currencies seeking to be listed on the RENOVATO exchange.
  • Technology fee to provide liquidity for external exchanges - A separate fee will be applied to external exchanges seeking liquidity.
  • The Fee-for-White Label Program Provides our platform's fully branded service for new companies seeking to bring our solution into one box.
  • Currency conversion rate - Provide electronic money for Fiat conversion anywhere in the world.
  • Interest rates from margin trading and lending - A certain percentage will be calculated for traders who benefit from margin trading and lending features on the platform.

Information about token
Similar to other types of electricity Renovato offers their own token that is VATO. Based on ERC20 platform. With a total supply of 1,080,000,000. The price for a VATO is 0.08 USD

Total VATO Distribution Breakdown

35% Liquidity
20% through Token Sale
22.5% VATO Team*
10% Community Trading Bonus
10% Public Pre-Sale
2.5% Bounty

Pre-Token Sale & Token Sale Contributions Breakdown:
40% Platform Development and Marketing
25% Trading Pool Expansion
15% Engineering and Security team
10% War chest; IPO prep, potential buyouts, acquisitions
10% Legal


The difference and core of RENOVATO is the idea of ​​promoting the creation of exchanges on RENOVATO and providing the community with an advanced electronic money trading platform that makes transactions seamless, extremely safe and profitable. In addition, the hybrid security token model RENOVATO provides users with the company's true voice through tokens based on blockchain making it stand out and outperform competitors. The token issued by the centralized electronic money exchanges has limited functionality on the platform because they can only be used to pay exchange fees and tariffs, but the RENOVATO token will also provide granted to partial investors in the company respectively.

[18 February, 2019 - 31 March, 2019]

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